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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Pop Up Camper ~ Garden

My first day of the camper purge was pretty successful.  Rain was in the forecast, but very little.

The table in the camper folds down, and is a bed for 2.  Under one side of the table bench is a storage area. It's the biggest storage other than the outside front storage bin.  

I tackled that area first. I kept extra pillows in there, because we often forgot to pack pillows for camping trips.  Lots of stuff went into a box for goodwill.  Some sheets were washed a saved for those spring frost blasts we get late in May (when we have to cover plants).  I also saved sheets for rag rugs, gave some enamel plates to one of my brothers.

Games and doodle books went to Daughter E for her new apartment, along with a pizza pan (have no idea why that was in the camper), some cups/mugs, drawer storage tray, antique counter top mug holder, and other items.

Some items went in the trash, like a pot holder that was beyond it's lifetime.  I had 10 pot holders in that camper, ha ha!  Many that were in good shape went to Goodwill.  

A few things needed washed down, and a few screws for the door top needed replaced, but all in all, the camper is in good condition considering it's a 1999 camper.

I brought these mug covers in to wash.  I had a color for each person.  They are made to fit a specific mug, and we don't use them anymore, so I'm torn on what to do with them. I may see if they fit any of my mugs in the house.  If not, they may (gulp) get donated.

Of course with so much going out, I added a few new items - collapsible strainers for the camper.

I finally harvested our first zucchini of the season.  My yellow is way behind.  I have made notes in my garden journal to not only change resources for seeds, but to start the yellow plants indoors next spring.  I've had trouble with them the last few years.  Of course we've had weather issues, but for some reason the seeds from High Mowing (for yellow straight neck) have taken longer to harvest and less to harvest.


Linda said...

Kristina have you had your soil tested to see if it needs amending?

Lisa K Thomasson Jung said...

Looks like you got lots done. Weather has messed with all of our gardens. Have a great week.

Kristina said...

Linda, I think we just have bad seeds.

Kristina said...

Thanks Lisa, we are getting more rain, but the weeds are horrible this year.