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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

More Blooms ~ Dehydrating Sage ~ From Pile to File


More garden blooms.  I had a hard time getting the photos, as the lens steamed up from the humidity and heat.

I dehydrated my first small batch of sage, using my smaller dehydrator.  I learned that if you cut back your sage too much (close to fall), it will die over winter.  I dehydrate in small batches over the summer to avoid killing my sage plant.

We had another very hot and humid day.  Garden work was done early.  I needed to check the radishes and tie up more tomato plants.

I got another new recipe off the pile.  It's a healthier breakfast bake using sweet potatoes vs. white potatoes.  I added some finely diced jalapenos to it.  I also used sage sausage vs. the sausage the recipe called for (no water, just cooked it first), and of course organic ingredients.

It was very good, but the sweet potatoes released some liquid, so I would cook the onion and sweet potatoes before hand, and shorten the cook time.  Oh, and you can make this the day before and refrigerate and then bake the next.

Question - what is your favorite dry bean to use to make homemade bake beans?


Linda said...

Mine is the Lazy Housewife bean, which I grow and let go to dried beans. What prolific beans and they are so very good in baked beans.

Kristina said...

Linda, thank you! I'll look those up to possibly grow next year.