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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Catching Up ~ More Repairs

This week is jam packed with work.  In the process I completely forgot I had library books here.  All is good though.  My fine is only $.60 (this time).

I had a long list of catching up to do:

Write Son
Check email
Water flowers
Wash bedding and put on line
Wash rags and put on line
Made Fridge Pickles
Finish up the last of the blueberries
Let chickens out, treat them with an overgrown cucumber
Vacuum bedroom
Vacuum hall and stairway
Freeze green peppers
Freeze zucchini
Check garden for bounty
Prep dinner – chicken and veggies in roaster pan
Bake zucchini bread
Tie up remaining tomato plants
Check library returns and pick ups
get bedding off line, make bed
. . . .and the list continued.

Before I get scolded for working while sick, I did keep up with hot teas, cold teas and water.  I made a gallon jug of organic green iced tea with spearmint from the garden as well.  I love my homemade vapor-rub too.  Now Hubby has the sickness, and one of the girls has the sniffles. 

Threatening the girls that I will take their ipods if they cannot assist in the kitchen also helped speed things up.  One volunteered to bake the zucchini bread too.  I don't have a photo to share, because the two younger ones ate an entire loaf of bread while I was up delivering some garden bounty to my mother.  My mother's bread recipe is delicious.  We used non-gmo chocolate bits (Semi-sweet mini chips made by Enjoy Life) in it too.  Next time we bake it, I'll have to share her recipe, with her permission of course.

The nice part about fridge pickles, is that I can re-use the brine.  I had 4 cucumbers yesterday, so I simply sliced and added the brine.  I can then add a few more as I get them from the garden.  

Regarding repairs.....

Right in the middle of canning jam yesterday, one of my burners quit working.  They don't make the burner plate I need anymore in stores (already replaced one large one a few years ago), so I will have to find a close replacement and hope for it to last until next year.  I will most likely be buying a new stove next year.  My appliances just don't like me this year.

Hubby loaned his truck to his nephew, to haul a camper, while we were gone in SC.  On his (the nephew) way back to our place Sunday, the brake line failed.  He attempted to repair it, and got it here okay, but work needed done.  Hubby is working on it every night and now needs to buy unexpected parts.   

The day is already flyin' by so I better get canning.  Say a prayer my stove holds out for another year.  I guess one burner is better than none.  I don't have time today to drive the 23 miles to buy a new burner plate today.  Hopefully I can squeeze that into next week's list of to-do's.


Connie said...

Good Morning Kristina, I found your blog through mutual followers and it is absolutely what I've been looking for. I am retired, with a husband that has a couple more years to work before he retires. We just purchased an old 1905 bungalow (fixer-upper) on an acre of land and have the first real garden in our 38 years of marriage. Our old house is up for sale and we sure hope that it sells soon, but we are trusting the Lord for that. Our old backyard was a small suburban yard that was all shade by 2:00 in the afternoon. I tried for the 33 years that we lived there to grow a garden but never had much luck. This spring we got moved in, just in time to rototill the earth and plant, and we are loving it. I want to learn to can and freeze and live off our little spot of heaven as much as possible. You look like the girl who can teach me a trick or two :) I am your newest follower and I would love to invite you over to follow me back. I have met so many wonderful and creative folks through blogging.
Love, love, love your blog!
Your new blogging sister,
Connie :)

Sandra said...

Sounds busy!!
Pickles look YUM!!

Susan said...

It does always seem like something else is failing, doesn't it? My stove gave out last year and I had to replace it. My dryer gave out and I did not replace it. I don't mind crunchy towels. Sounds like you get more done while you're sick than most people do on a good day! Hope your stove hangs on at least until next year!

Liz said...

Catching up with you too! lol..I dont think there is anything worse than a summer cold,ugh. Bummer on the stove. I hope it holds out till canning season is over! Feel better!