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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Tale of Two Washing Machines

Are you a pocket checker?  When it comes to doing the wash?  Well, since I am feeling worse than yesterday, and can't sleep on account of coughing my lungs up, I thought I'd sit around in my jammies this morning, sip some hot tea and tell you a story, not related to my husband's driving or my garden(s).

The same day we arrived home from this past South Carolina/Georgia trip, I put all the dirty laundry in the washing machine. 

Now lets back up to the trip home and "crabby pants."  Hubby was crabby for a few days prior to coming home, because he could not find his fitbit (small device we wear to track our steps for health reasons and part of our health insurance plan).  He has replaced his a few times, while I still have my original one, so he was stressing about having to get another one.

On the last packing of the car, I suggested he go through the pockets of all his shorts he wore, before getting in the car.  He, of course, insisted that the shorts I pointed to, were not the ones he last had his fitbit in and he shut the trunk of the car.

At home, I was not feeling up to myself, so he unloaded the washing machine and put the clothes in the basket to take outside and hang on the line.

"Hey," he said to me smiling and holding up his fitbit "thanks for finding my fitbit."

It had gone through the washing machine.

Now for the other tale.

I am realizing my kids, although far away for military, still need their Mom.  I've been busy helping both get assistance with their banking while away. 

I got a call from an unknown number, and answered it anyway.  It was my oldest Daughter.  She called to tell me that her cell phone went through the washing machine, and she could not call or text now. Although she claims her phone was suicidal and jumped into the washer on it's own, she was in a hurry to get laundry done, and simply forgot about her phone.  After not having one for 9 weeks or more, I'd forget too.

The aftermath?  Well, Hubby's fitbit did not die in the washer, it actually gained 792 steps while bouncing around in the washer (ha ha!).  Unfortunately, as for Daughter's cell phone, it was a lost cause.

Although sitting around in my jammies sounds good today, I do have to get some more vegetables blanched and put into the freezer.  I am hoping that next week I will have enough cucumbers to put up some pickles and/or relish. Right now I do not (and thankful for that this week too).

.....okay, so I may go sit on the porch in my jammies, cheetah print slippers, and haggard hair so people driving by can have something to talk about at work today.


Unknown said...

Hope you feel better! I had to tell my kids over and over, NOT to put their phones in their pockets. Use a purse. It's a bit harder to lose :)

Susan said...

After a few fiascos, I ALWAYS check my pockets! Glad your husband's fitbit was okay - cell phones never stand up to any kind of abuse whatsoever! Be sure to get those fluids down - and try some Emergen-C if you can find it. 3x a day, your cold will vanish!

My Garden Diaries said...

Hope you feel better friend! And we have been known to put through all kinds of things in the wash!! Ha! Have a good week! Nicole xo

Mama Pea said...

I issued a rule when we first got married. Everybody checks their own pockets before tossing something in the laundry baskets! I've stuck to it and the few times "something" has gone through the wash, it's been from one of MY pockets!

Sure hope you feel better soon. Full-blown summer time is a hard time to be under the weather.

five dog momma said...

looks like hubby washed the crabbies right out of his pants if he can laugh about it! Too bad for the suicidal phone. HOpe she had her info backed up. Go ahead and wear your jammies on the porch. A lot of folks wear what looks like jammies to the store these days!

RB said...

I'm pretty good at checking pockets before loading the washing machine, but Bro Tom obviously isn't always cause from time to time, when switching them from the washer to the dryer, I'll hear coins rolling around in the bottom of the washer that I'll have to get in and dig out, or I'll find a wadded up cloth hankie in the pocket, something that probably wouldn't dry well if left within the pocket. But it all comes out ok cause we don't stick electronics into our pockets - ever, least not so far.

God bless.