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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cinnamon Blueberry Jam

I ran out of freezer space, so I started canning the last of the blueberries.  I am canning a new blueberry jam recipe - Cinnamon Blueberry Jam.  It's from Taste of Home if you'd like to try it too. 

Taste tester results?


Update 8/1/14:  My youngest daughter said "you have to give it for Christmas, because it tastes like Christmas!"

This would make a wonderful Christmas present if you have blueberries right now.  The first time I made it I got 5 -1/2 pints and I followed the recipe exactly.  The second time I made it I got 5 - 1/2 pints as well.   I used my food processor to "crush" the blueberries.

Yesterday my digital kitchen timer stopped working.  I resorted to getting a "timer" on the internet on the kitchen computer.  Where there is a will, there is a way, right?

Hubby and I are still not feeling good.  It's hard to just rest when you have a table full of vegetables, and about 5 more pounds of blueberries to can with.  He isn't resting on account of getting the truck fixed (after work) either.  I hope to show some improvement by late today.  The cough is lingering, but at least I can breath through my nose today.

I took some afternoon time to rest on the porch yesterday.  I started another dishcloth. This pattern uses #10 cotton thread, and is one of the thinnest I make.  These are perfect for the camper, as they have a handle to hang it, and they dry out quickly.  Not to mention thin, so they pack nicely. 

It will look like this:
I used to sell these at the Farmer's Market, but they take longer to make than knitted or regular cotton crocheted dishcloths.  This is an old photo of some I made in the past.

Pattern is from Gooseberry Patch "Farmhouse Crochet #4777, Leisure Arts, ISBN 13-978-1-6-140-891-2


Susan said...

Thank you for the recipe! I think I will have to make this this weekend. Perfect Christmas gifts! And I LOVE those dishcloths. Can you share the pattern? I have been looking for something lighter than the worsted cotton.

Kristina said...

Susan, I got it from a library book. Let me see if I can locate the title, or if anything else, I will email you.

EMMA said...

Love the sound of that jam - blueberries are not ripe here yet but I will be making this as soon as they are.
I'd also like to try making one of those dishcloths if you can find the pattern.
Get well soon!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I see you were able to get well enough to go camping. That probably did you both some good just to get a way and relax.
I like the dishcloths...I've not done much crocheting of late; but I've got my eye on some baby yarn, and some patterns for the new grandbabies that will be here February.

Kristina said...

Pat, as soon as I got back, I ordered us some mullien tea leaves. I should have planted it, but did not for some reason (busyness perhaps). We are still coughing horribly, but went anyway, as our reservations were made a month ago. We felt if we canceled them, the kids may never (or us) get any summer time fun this year. We are still sick, so as soon as I get the tea leaves, I am making a mullien tea for the both of us.