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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Homemade Goat's Milk Cream Cheese ~ Whey

(photo of them very young)

Bonnie and Ava are still not sold (the two doelings), but even so, we are getting some goat's milk.  I hopped on the computer and ordered myself some non-gmo vegetable rennet, and waited patiently for it to arrive.

What did I make?

Although I got scolded by the goat's milk police for stealing 4 1/2 quarts of stashed goat's milk a while ago, I wanted to make something new this year.

I made goat's milk cream cheese (recipe I used is linked).  Yum.  It's draining today, so we can't wait to taste it. I did use the buttermilk too.

(Update:  7/2/14, if you make this recipe, using buttermilk is risky and I am ordering the culture to make the next batch.  I would not recommend using the buttermilk.)

Immediately, my daughter (the goat care-taker) asked if she could make strawberry cream cheese.  Well, of course she can.  Yum!

This batch of cream cheese should give me about 2 cups of whey.  I see, from searching the internet, that you can put some of it in lemonade to drink (for a probiotic drink).  What do you do with your whey?  I'd love some ideas. 

Our milk supply is caught up now, so I'm actually being told to make a batch of ricotta cheese.  Mmmm.  Can't wait to make a lasagna or something.

It's a busy week and we got more rain last night.  More later....


Sam I Am...... said...

I don't have goat's milk or whey so I guess I won't be doing much in that arena but I'm making pickles...does that count?

Susan said...

Oh, that sounds wonderful! I use whey for smoothies and it makes the best rice and polenta. I also use it as a substitute for water in alot of recipes.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, thanks for the tips on whey. I may freeze it to use for making rice next time.

Sam I Am, Pickles sound great! Our cucumbers are not ready yet.

Nancy Jo said...

Oh they are so cute. I bet you will miss them when they are sold.
Nancy Jo