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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Raccoons and Garden Tidbits

The night we pulled into the driveway, after bringing our son home, we saw 4 baby raccoons trying to get catfood at the side door.  Of course there was none to be had, but the stinkin' things would not leave.  Even Timmy (barn cat) came up to see us, and two raccoons charged at him.  

Hubby grabbed water bottles and threw them out the car so we could get into the house.  They would still just run to the door.  Mom Raccoon was not around, that we could see anyway, but we were still careful.  There's nothing worse than a Mad Mom.

So...."Mr. Raccoon" that's been living in the run-down barn, is "Mrs. Raccoon" and has 4 babies.  They are not small either.  Hmpf.  Not what I needed to deal with, but the trap comes back out now.  

You might not see many posts from me, during Son's time home.  He's really filling up on his computer time, and now has a new cell phone to play around with.

I was back in the garden last night, picking green beans and more squash.  I tied up about 15 tomato plants and 48 green pepper plants. Why so many green peppers?  You'll have to ask Hubby that.  I really needed more got banana pepper plants, but I will just hope for the best overall this season.  I never got another batch of black raspberry jelly made, but have more berries in the fridge.  I may make a regular batch of jam with them.

The racket in the woods continued all day yesterday (in fact, this time it ran until 10:00pm).  I just happened to be putting laundry on the line, and saw the goats all huddled to one side of the fence, looking at something.  Then I heard something.  I walked over, only to find out that those noise makers were running a wild turkey out of the woods and up into our property.  Poor animals.  I do feel sorry for them, having their world destroyed so suddenly.

We had thunderstorms last night, and the garden is thankful.  Pretty soon I will be canning tomato sauce and freezing tomatoes.  Hopefully, I'll get some salsa made, or even some refrigerator pickles made.  Cucumbers on on, but tiny (thankfully, as my time is much less this month).

Today, I hope to get time to make another batch of homemade goat's milk cream cheese.  I received my culture now, so I will try that this time.  Hopefully, I will have a good report on that.  Once my new refrigerator arrives (can't arrive too soon either), I will make another batch of ricotta cheese.  

And hopefully, I can read blogs soon, and catch up on everyone.  Last night we has family movie time, along with good pizza.  I am praying I get enough yellow squash soon, so I can make squash patties before Son leaves again too.


Mama Pea said...

Between all the usual, your garden starting to come in and your son's short leave before he's off again, it's totally understandable why you don't have time for everything! Those teenage raccoons may be hard to get rid of . . . unless you get a little ruthless about it. :o(

My Garden Diaries said...

You really inspire me with all you do and accomplish! My goodness! Sounds like a bountiful harvest friend! And I hope that you have a great time with your son! Now as for the coons I hope you are able to catch them and move them somewhere else! A lovely week to you!!! Nicole xo

RB said...

Sad about the turkeys getting run out of the woods by the "illegal" 4-wheelers.
If you can, get a video of the wildlife being run out of the woods with sound to explain what they're running from. That could help your case should you need it.
Another thing I was thinking about is - this blog is a log of your days - the good, the bad, the 4-wheelers and the stalkers and such, since you've been recording them here. When it comes to the noisemakers, record as many details as you can here because this record would be acceptable as an unbiased record in a court of law, should the need come, and would be especially valuable because you're not just writing about them, you're writing about your whole days. Do you understand?
Enjoy your visit with your son.
God bless.