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Sunday, July 27, 2014

A New U.S. Army National Gaurdsman Soldier ~ Oldest Daughter

Hubby and I drove back to South Carolina, but this time, the drive was about 150 miles less.  We were blessed to see our oldest daughter graduate from the US Army National Guard.  There were three companies graduating that day, and this was her company.

She did not get the chance to come home like her brother. 
We were, however,  blessed with an entire family day with her.  We surprised her by bringing along her boyfriend.  My older brother and his wife also drove down.  

During the trip to SC for Son's graduation, we tried southern boiled peanuts (blech if you ask me, but Hubby liked them).

This trip, we got to feel the oh-so-stinging pain of fire ants.  Here is where Echo Company stood, waiting to be released to families on Family Day.

After graduation she did get one day and night with us at the hotel, shared stories, ate food she had not eaten in a while, laughed a lot, got to go swimming, and take long naps.

Hubby did not get locked in the hotel bathroom this trip, but I do have a travel blooper to share.....Hubby forgot to put his duffle bag of clothes into the car.  Boyfriend and I loaded everything else, but Hubby had closed our bedroom door, so I never went back in.  He did ask if the car was packed, and I did tell him "everything but your stuff."  I do have a witness, even though he denies it.

Luckily, I had his "Proud Dad of a National Guardsman" shirt already on a hanger in the car, his phone charger in my suitcase (which I did ask him if he wanted to share it, but he insisted no), and had a pair of sneakers in the trunk.  I also have a special small case I keep all the toiletries in, so I had his toothbrush, razor and shaving cream. 

After family day at the Army post, we headed over to the stores to find Hubby some extra clothes.  The funny part is, that I felt like I was forgetting something for Daughter the entire trip down.  And here it was Hubby's bag.  I guess we've been a bit stressed, so something like that was bound to happen.

South Carolina once again shared it's hot, humid weather, but....we had quite the entertaining crew this past trip.

Hubby was a bit cranky due to the loss of clothing, but who wouldn't be, right?  I kept telling him to take off his "crabby pants" and put on his "happy pants." for this trip.  I said this quite often to him.

While walking into the building where we were to have the family day briefing, I said something to Hubby about taking his "crabby pants" off and putting on his "happy pants."

"He can't! " hollered my daughter's boyfriend.  He left those at home!  Ha ha ha ha!

Even Hubby laughed.

And yet I have one more travel funny to share.  Hubby was driving like a mad man.  I have witnesses who can verify that (ha ha!).  At the beginning of our drive, my daughter texted me from home and asked if she left her library book in my car.  So my daughter's boyfriend and I searched the back of the seats and found it.  In the search he also found an old "Student Driver" window sticker.

On our way to South Carolina, when we were about 6 hours of arriving to Fort Jackson, we stopped for dinner.  I got out of the car, and that is when I saw it.

"How long has that been there?"  barely getting the question out of my mouth laughing so hard (bent over holding my stomach).

"Since we left," my daughter's boyfriend laughed.

He had put the "student driver" sticker in the back window.

Ahhh, the joys of travel funnies.

A few of the stories Daughter shared had us laughing to tears.  There were so many I wouldn't know where to begin to share, but one memory will stick in our heads from her - grenades.

She will continue her training at Fort Gordon, GA, which is currently Avionic and Survivability Equipment Repairer.  

One more travel funny to share......

When we were checking out of our hotel at our halfway point (going home), Hubby took my suitcase and was attempting to pull it on it's wheels.  For some reason the wheels were not both on the ground.

"What's wrong with this thing," he complained.

"It's probably because you're the one driving it," I laughed.


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Yay! so proud of your family. This time your daughter.
It was nice that her boyfriend was able to go along-- I bet that made her happy to all of you there.
Road trips are fun...aren't they?
Especially, when you have a long running joke--it kind of becomes the theme of the ride and something to remind you of the trip for a long time!
glad you're home safe.

Mama Pea said...

Congratulations and best wishes to your daughter. This certainly has been a summer for new beginnings for your two older kids. And, of course, that means for you and your hubby, too. Sounds like you had a really good trip.

My Garden Diaries said...

Loved the laughs friend! Don't you just hate it when you know that you are forgetting something!!! What a wonderful trio and oh how proud you must be of her!!! Glad you had this time with your family making new memories! Nicole xoxo

Michelle said...

Congratulations to your daughter. Bet it was a a great day for her and family both.

RB said...

I am sure you are so blessed for your daughter.

Prayers safety and happiness always accompany her wherever she travels.

God bless.


EMMA said...

Congratulation to your daughter.
That was a very funny post! I especially like the suitcase joke!!!!