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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Blooms ~ Puttin' Up Peas

Sharing a few new blooms around the homestead....

A few zinnias have bloomed, and more are about to.

This one stumped us.  It also made us smile.  So cute.  Just one lonely sunflower growing at the edge of the barn.  Most likely planted by a bird or chicken.

Finally.  One rose bush bloomed. A bug was eating them all down to the stem, and with care, they are slowly making it back to their original beauty.

We put up the last of the sugar snap peas, but had to be creative in the freezer.  The new refrigerator is ordered, but there was nothing we could bring home immediately.  Hopefully it will be here early next week.  Hubby had a $50.00 gift card we used towards is.  He won it when he played golf with the co-workers.  Funny how that worked out.

Well, I'm off to check on the green beans.  They should be ready in a day or so.  Spaghetti squash is on, and the cucumbers are starting to climb the fence. 

I'm pretty sure my wish list this year will be moving on to next year.  Just too many replacements and repairs this year.  Maybe I can squeeze in a pressure canner.  I would really like to can potatoes this year.


Sandra said...

Pretty blooms!

Sam I Am...... said...

How do you "put up" your sugar snap peas? My daughter was wondering as she has them and I never had enough left over to look into it years ago. She doesn't have a pressure canner either. Good for hubby on the gift certificate! I wish I had planted some spaghetti it.

Cris said...

Have you thought at all about checking your local CraigsList for a pressure canner? I've seen them listed on there for quite cheap--usually brand new, and given up because someone is moving or decided canning wasn't for them. I once scored a new one for $5 at a yard sale!

Mama Pea said...

Enjoyed the pictures of your flowers. I think the volunteer sunflower is lovely.

I don't know how you function with the size of your family and not having a large freezer. Canning is great (and has been for generations!) but the home freezer ranks right up there along with indoor plumbing as far as I'm concerned!

Susan said...

It does seem that bad things come in threes. Hope you've now met your 'quota' and life will get easier (and less expensive). I love my pressure canner! My beans are only blossoms right now, but I can't wait! Such pretty flowers!

Liz said...

My zinnias are just about ready to bloom! Love the color of that rose!

Michelle said...

I love Daisies.

Michelle said...

Just saw the read more. LOl We just finished putting up our peas. My squash is growing like crazy this year.

EMMA said...

Your flowers look lovely, especially the lone sunflower.
We've been away for a few days and when we got back I was very surprised to see giant sunflowers in my garden - on the pkt it said 'grows to 30cm'.

Mama Pea said...

Not like you to miss your daily postings. Miss them. Hope all is okay.

Kristina said...

To put up my peas, I clean then, blanch in boiling water with a lid on for 2 minutes, place in ice back, pat dry and freeze in bags.

I'll be posting as to why I've been gone....

RB said...

Have you been posting? I haven't had anything since 7/9. I pray you're all ok out there.
God bless.

Kristina said...

RB, I have not posted much lately. Now that Son is home, he is on the computer all the time, ha ha! I'll try to keep up, but I may not always have a photo to share.