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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Zucchini-Banana Squares ~ Goat on the Loose

While I was out getting a few groceries, my 17 year-old daughter made Zucchini-Banana Squares.  I had quite a bit of zucchini that I harvested yesterday morning, and had a few soft bananas.  Luckily, I had one bag of mini-chocolate chips too.  These bars are made with flaxseed or wheat germ, and are fairly healthy.  The recipe comes from Heart Healthy Living, and is linked below.  We do buy organic/non-gmo canola oil as well.  I have not made these with applesauce yet, but may try it before the summer is over.  I do plan to freeze some shredded zucchini this year.

I also picked some green peppers for dinner, and made 3 batches of homemade mushroom soup (to make a chicken spaghetti favorite of ours), using our goat's milk.  

Then I picked more green and wax beans and made barbequed green beans in the crock pot.  This time I saved the bacon grease for greens. 

Speaking of greens, I need to go back out and pick kale.

While that was all going along, I rinsed and drained my ricotta.  That will be ready in a day or two.

Link for the Zucchini-Banana Squares:  Straight from the Garden

Son had spent the entire day in town, reporting in with his recruiter, banking, and visiting with his Gram and Gramp.  By the time he was done, he was starving for a good meal.  I think he ate more than half the zucchini-banana squares, ha ha!

I would love to hear what greens you have enjoyed the most, from your garden.  I would love to try some new ones in my garden next year.  In the past we've grown swiss chard, collards, and kale.  Mama Pea, you got me hankering for some good greens.  We should be eating more of them here. 

I forgot to share!  We got a call from Daughter on Sunday evening!  She was given a liberty call.  Yay!  She sounds good too.  I think she enjoyed being able to talk to her brother too, and the same for him. 

Orion got loose again.  Twice in two days.  First he broke one tie out.  Next he broke the last.  Backups?  Nope.  Hubby was supposed to pick them up way back during a hardware shopping trip.  Last night my daughter and I dug through the barns to find something to tie him too.  Finally, we did - a old cable for the ladies to graze outside their fence.  It's short, and thin, but as of right now I don't see him wandering about.  As soon as the refrigerator is delivered today, I am high-tailing it to the hardware store to buy more cables for him.  I have to buy the ones that are strong enough for up to 250 lbs.  He's not a little guy for sure.  

Daughter is still wanting to sell all of her goats this fall, and just when I was considering taking over, things like this happen.  Then I start to really think about if I should or not.  Hm.  I really don't want to give up our milk supply.  I really don't want to chase this big guy around either.  Or bathe him or do his hooves.......this will take some serious thinking.  I just feel real milk is so important to our health, and versatile in cheese making and with so many other recipes.  Food in stores is not even food anymore.....thinking, thinking, thinking.....

One quick update.  We talked to the zoning inspector.  They do issue permits for folks to run recreational facility businesses.  However, they do not allow noisy businesses in quiet residential areas.  Also, the guy running the racket out back, does not have a permit.  So when he told the Deputy Sheriff he did, well, he was not telling the truth.  That alone should be grounds for fining him for running it without the permit, and grounds to deny him a permit at all.  Hubby and I feel like not one person cares about this, and because we are only one family.  

However, the noise travels and folks I've spoken too, do not want him back in there either.  And thanks for the tip on filming the turkey or other wildlife being run out of the woods when the noise is happening.  I am pretty sure that is why our billy goat has broken his tie-outs.  He hates loud noise.  I'll try to remember to film Orion's behavior the next time, because I am certain there will be a next time.  Last weekend I had to put barriers in my driveways again.  It first started with 3 trucks hauling 4-wheelers.  If they don't know where the place is, then they aren't "friends" in my book.  And when there are over a dozen vehicles parked, and more in the woods, that is not "three or four" friends in my book either.


Sandra said...

Goats can be such good escape artist!!
I have on the drives me a little nuts.
I am not keeping as many goats next year. I just need to decide on a number and stick to it! :)
Good luck with your "noise" problems. What a nuisance!!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Taking on goats is definitely something to think long and hard about...but the benefits of the milk are good. That's a positive.
Too bad about the ruckus next door. It seems like just you and a few neighbors are all that care. The guy seems to be racking up the citations-- noise, running down CORN/crops, TRESSPASSING-- maybe a petition might help?
Or a good ol' fashioned town hall meeting? Or more privately, a gathering at your place-- to discuss it with others in the area. Don't back down.
Wish you didn't have to go through this.
The sad part? This guy is probably one of those "good ol' all American boys" to all his friends and probably thinks his 'rights' are being infringed upon. THAT IRKS ME.

Unknown said...

Too bad your sheriff can do a little unseen surveillance on them, with a camera, maybe some other bad stuff going on back there, drugs, etc. I'd start a petition too. Or meet with your other neighbors and chat, put a group type of pressure on the law.

I know some people only keep female goats, and freshen them once in a while, with a local male. Could you do that? Keep your milk, but lose Orion?

Sam I Am...... said...

So sorry you can't get rid of that neighbor or at least have the sheriff do something.
The zucchini bread looks great but like your other commenter, I would get rid of the male goat.

RB said...

Lawmen do NOT like to be lied to. Think of calling the sheriff and telling him what the permit people said.

Also, I was about to say the same thing about getting rid of the Billy and keeping the Nannies. You only need a Billy once in a while, and they're often not worth all the trouble (and smell) when you don't need 'em.

And continue with your recording of what's going on next door. If there's a way to do it without being seen, try to get pictures of the excess vehicles parking and the 18-wheelers hauling in all the 4-wheelers too. If it's more than could possibly be for his personal use, then it would seem more to be a business, and I don't think that land is zoned commercial.

God bless.


Kristina said...

RB, Hubby said the zoning inspector is trying to get in touch with that Deputy to inform him of the fact that the guy does not have a permit. I hope they get in touch with each other.

RB said...

Hi Kristina -

I'm a bit proactive, having worked in law offices for so many of my 47 working years, and I'd probably give the law a "little" help by calling the sheriff's office on the main contact line (not 911) and telling him myself what the zoning inspector said, but that's me. ;o)

God bless.