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Friday, February 28, 2014

Simple Dish Scrubbies ~ Bone Chilling Weather (again)

I'm trying out a new pattern for a simple dish scrubbie.  This one creates an edge (or ridge) on the scrubbie, making it easier to use.  I used one 10 yard length, 2 inch wide strip of netting.

So far, our "test kitchen" is marking this one as a winner.  I've been searching for a simple (flat) scrubbie pattern, and have not found one that I like.  They are either double sided or thick (which I already have a pattern for).  So for this pattern, I used the same facial scrubbie pattern (except round 4) that is shared on With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart.

The weather turned even uglier last night.  We were warned early in the day of another wind chill advisory, and blowing wind. Thankfully, the wind died down and the temperature this morning was only 3°F.

I prepared early for it yesterday- restocked water jugs, washed laundry and dishes, cut wood (until the chainsaw blade pooped out on us), and so forth. I even picked up some extra food for the weekend, and of course toiletries.  Thankfully, no frozen water pipes.

Hubby worked on the pellet stove a bit, but is still not feeling well.  He got it running, but in a very short time it puttered out - no power to the auger.  He went back to bed while I finished chores. 

The snow is heading our way starting tomorrow, and the news is not giving us a "number" just yet.  However, now I have heard up to 6 inches.  I'm told they will give us numbers tonight on the 11pm news, but that is way past my bedtime.  I'll admit, I am looking forward to having time to read, write and craft this weekend.

Prim (youngest goat) is at it again.  I sent the younger two girls out to tend to chickens, and they had to deal with her jumping out of her stall again.  She was trying to get into the chicken feed while they were fetching watering units and eggs.  That goat just makes you shake your head and roll your eyes.  Speaking of goats, Peanut is due to kid in about 3 weeks.  


Mama Pea said...

Hope the predicted snow manages to pass you by . . . and you have no problems with frozen pipes. And can get the pellet stove fixed. And your hubby shakes his sickies.

Our forecast for today is 70% chance of snow and it started about an hour ago around 10 a.m. No predicted accumulation amount. We have 5° above . . . lots better than the -18° yesterday.

Have a good weekend!

Willow said...

I am definitely making some scrubbies with my extra scrap yarn as the hubs has been complaining we need more dish scrubbers. Thanks for the idea :))

Michelle said...

You can use this same pattern for a flat one. When it starts curling up just add a few extra stitches on the next turn around and it will lay down flat.

Michelle said...

Sorry the next couple of turn around.

Katmom said...

I bought several of these at a little School craftfaire... one of these days I will try to make some...