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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Homestead Tidbits ~ Baby Booties

Saturday it rained heavily the entire day.  It was a very gloomy, get-in-your-jammies-early day.  We still made a trip to the gym for a must needed workout.  According to my fitbit (tracks my steps etc) I am short about 3,000 steps per day this winter.  Yikes!

Back to the weather. . . .

Last night it started snowing.  This morning, it continues to snow, and it very beautiful outside.  It's serene.  It's the soft, powdery snow that is peaceful to take a walk in.  Friday, we actually saw sunlight and I let my chickens out.  Boy, did they have a wonderful time of it too.

I continue to save our egg shells and toss them over the vegetable garden area.  I do the same with some of our used organic coffee grounds.  In the spring, we'll till it all into the garden for much needed calcium and bug control.  We'll grow pinto beans again, and that will help put nitrogen back into the soil too.

We actually had a day with temperatures above freezing, and low and behold, Mr. Big ,Hairy, Scary Wolf Spider made his appearance in the house.  In my bedroom no less.  I screamed, the dogs barked, and my son came running.  

He's "spider man" and saves them from me.  Of course you know he throws them outside, for them to just come right back in.  Anyway, he graciously caught Mr. Big, Hairy, Scary Wolf Spider, and shoved his hand at me.  I of course, flew off my bed, crocheting tools in hand, almost throwing a hip out, and grabbed up Hubby's back scratcher as a weapon. 

...meanwhile, he's laughing his butt off, yelling "Someone get the camera and film this!"

The sorghum candy I made continues to get rave reviews.  One daughter took it to school to share with classmates and I sent some to my oldest daughter.  All good reviews.  It's definitely a keeper.  Speaking of that, it's been a while since I've baked Sorghum Gingerbread

Instead of sewing the bows on, I ran the ribbon through and around the booties, and tied them.  This way Mom and Dad can simply remove the ribbon if they want to, and they can use the ribbon to tie the booties to stay on better.  My kids always kicked their booties off.  Plus, a few of my kids could actually suck on their toes at a very early age. Anyway.....

I found the pattern in a new book I borrowed from the library.  You know how I support our library, so I took a photo to share.  It contains several baby bootie patterns, and I picked one to try.  The tall cuffs caught my eye.  They may be less likely to fall off little feet.  I'm still crocheting the Bavarian baby blanket.

We've been watching Alaska:  The Last Frontier.  We find it very interesting, as we watch them prepare for a long winter, move an entire cabin, and deal with garden pests.  Not to mention a pesky porcupine that got many of their animals, and who ends up dinner.

Today I am thankful for:
~the beautiful view out my windows today
~the love we get from our dogs, and the laughs we get too
~having enough firewood
~Hubby's paycheck
~God's Love
~the extra time I have to finish up looming projects
~hot coffee
~my kids and their antics, even if they almost give me a heart attack
~having a working library nearby


Sam I Am...... said...

Beautiful pictures of the snow...we might get some today ..I'm excited!
Do wolf spiders bite? We used to have them on the farm and they do look gruesome. I'm allergic to some spider bites just not sure which ones. I ended up in the hospital because of one.
I must have missed the sorghum candy post...I need to look into that one. I like sorghum on biscuits. when my Mom was little she said that's what they used for sweetener all the time.
The booties are precious.
I'm going to look for that Alaska series as that sounds like something I would truly enjoy. Have you ever read about or watched the movie about Richard Prenicky(sp)? He went to ALaska and built his own cabin and lived off the land for 40 some years.
Glad you have heat and water again!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

I am pretty sure that wolf spiders are more of a hunting spider, and do not bite. They carry their egg sacks around with them. I have not heard about Richard Prenicky. I will have to look that up too. Thanks for sharing.

Candy C. said...

The snowy pictures are beautifuland the baby booties are really cute! I am not a fan of spiders either. (shudder)
Sure wish you could send a little of that rain and snow here to Arizona. :)