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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Button Switchplates ~ Quinoa Burrito Bowls ~ Walnut Shells Going Camping

Man, I just can't win for losing.  My doctor now has me on another prescription.  This frustrates me.  Although I am enjoying the time resting, I am getting that itch to get things done, and tired of getting tired in a short time when I am up.  Hopefully this one will do the magic I need.  I did clean out 3 complete binders yesterday.  I know, what was I thinking?  I am a pattern hoarder no more.  Phew.

Here is one magazine page that did not make the "cut" when cleaning.  It's cute, but I could see this being a dust collector and difficult to clean if I made them.  It came from a 2000 issue of Woman's Day magazine.

Although I was not up to it, I made dinner for the family - Quinoa Burrito Bowls.    This recipe comes from Diabetic Cooking magazine, and I sometimes search out healthy recipes from that magazine (even though we do not have any diabetics living here).  As you can see, I used a plate - another revealed hoarded recipe.  If you make this, do not skip the fresh lime juice.  It's what flavors the dish. 

I'm thinking Spring.

I saved all of the walnut shells we cracked last year.  I will be grinding some of them down to fill pin cushions (have yet to figure that out yet), and the remaining shells are being made into fire starters.  I am also saving some for other projects.

Be sure to check it out at my S.C.R.A.P. Blogspot.

It's another item dealt with this winter, a job completed, and another item preparing us for camping season - nothing wasted.


Mama Pea said...

You've got some tough germs you're fighting there! Besides actually being sick, I think not being up and about, not using all the muscles you normally do all day long, weakens you so it's no wonder you have a lack of energy right now. Keep eating healthy and taking your "homegrown" medicine. Are you able to sleep well at night?

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Most nights I can sleep well, but last night I did not.

Candy C. said...

I hope this latest prescription does the job for you. The burrito bowl/plate looks awesome and you are right about the switchplate... :)