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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Coffee Pot Collection and Tidbits

(sharing photos of my coffee pot collection, and we use some on camping trips)

Having had it with being sick, I dug out my essential oils.

Reminder:  I have a disclaimer below.  I'm not a doctor, and simply share my experience only.  I know there is so much discrepancy regarding natural remedies, so this is not a post to start a debate either, just experience(s). Besides, I have already gotten the doctor's opinion on this.  And, I'm not sure they even had a clear, concise diagnosis, either.

Having said all that, I just got plain fed up with overall sickness.  Especially the cough.  I ran out of my homemade cough syrup a long while ago, so I did some more research.

Organic essential Tea Tree Oil.  Can you believe that?  Mixed with olive oil, and rubbed on my chest and throat, and works as an expectorant.  I have not tried the inhalation method with boiling water, but did try it with organic Eucalyptus oil (for sinus congestion, fluid in the ear etc.).  The longer the fluid sits in there, the longer bacteria can grow and cause a worse problem (and I have tried garlic oil in the past, and it did not do too good of a job).

As for the cough, the doctor did give me a prescription for it.  However, it made me drowsy, and did not work very well.

I also had on hand organic blend of Eucalyptus oil bath salts.  Oh, the water pipes are running free and I took a long hot bath in it (for body aches).  Which worked great, but need to restock soon.

The results of the inhalation method with eucalyptus oil is working good to free congestion and the fluid from my ear.  I do have to do it 1 to 2 x a day.  The tea tree/olive oil method for cough is working beautifully for me.  If you don't mind the smell (but it dissipates quickly too).

  Have a good weekend!  I hope to be back on Monday (or later).


Candy C. said...

I'm glad you are feeling better with the essential oils! It's always amazing to me how well they work. :)
The Art Gallery in Tombstone gets a LOT of tourist visitors and they like to buy western/cowboy art and photography. We really ARE lucky to have such an outlet.

Unknown said...

When I saw your photos and blog title, I thought you were going to sell them at the farmer's market! I'd look at the cost to labor, and profit ratio. Do you really make enough guaranteed income to make it worthwhile to make stuff and sell it? Could you sell it somewhere else, like Etsy?

EMMA said...

Do you know if this tea tree oil rub is safe for a 9 year old? My son has some kind of cold/flu thing that he just can't shake.
Just read through your wish list - we have three wishes in common - a pressure canner, large freezer and a goat(hubby won't go for that one!)
How is the weather with you? We have got so much snow here!!!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Emma, I don't think most essential oils are safe for kids under 12, but if you have a herbalist in your area, you could ask them to be sure. It's snowing here and 2-4 more inches possible tomorrow.

As far as selling items on Etsy, I don't think we'd get enough business to compensate for the fees they charge.

Unknown said...

I don't know if you could add a PayPal cart to your blog? There's no fees until you sell, and they take it out off the top. I have a debit card, and can access the cash right away. I used to sell some alternative stuff, worked great...

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Glad your doing your research for the homeopathic self medication.
Have you read Dr. Kellog's book
"Back to Eden" ?
I love that book and the long list of herbs and uses is wonderful to have at your finger tips.
I've been drinking ACV and BS since 2010 - started out drinking it for female/pre-menapause issues-- and found it to be invaluable as it helps ease my Psoriatic Arthritis pain, and other symptoms that accompany it.
I believe the balance it provides my body for Ph and Alkaline is super beneficial.
Like you, I'm not a doctor-- this is just a testimony for me.
The natural rememdies are Pro-biotic -- with some herbs and things-- you do have to be careful what you take or give (to children and pregnant women,etc)
Hope you continue to heal. I know a HOT BATH CAN BE SO SOOTHING.
As to the Flea Market-- I'm afraid I don't have any advice there. I know you'll get the answers you're prayer for one way or the other.
God is Faithful.

RB said...

We love the scent of Tea Tree Oil wafting through the house, and one extra little perk of it is, it's a disinfectant too, so if you put a few drops in your bath water, it disinfects the tub too.

God bless.


Sam I Am...... said...

Whatever is plaguing you I hope you get better soon!