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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dehydrating Ginger ~ Making Homemade Ground Ginger

Of course, organic ginger root is best, however we rarely find it in our grocery stores.  We typically find it at a nature store about 2 1/2 hours from here.  Why don't they have more of those stores everywhere?  We really could use one here.

Anyway, I sliced the ginger for drying, vs. grating it.  Then I can simply grind it as needed, or use it for tea making.  I will have it on hand more often and no more extra trips to the store. 

I have read you can dehydrate the peels too (and grind them).  Has anyone ever done this?  I ended up giving my peelings to the goats.


Cris said...

I don't know about drying ginger peel, but...why not open your own nature store? Or form a co-op buying group in your area? If you are looking for stuff, I am sure other people are looking for stuff...and sometimes, if you get together, a group can form and really make cool things happen! Just an idea, you know, to percolate. :-)

Liz said...

I hear you on not being able to buy it anywhere!! Drives me nuts! This is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

Janice said...

We're part of a food co-op called Azure Standard. Maybe they deliver to your area too? I get my fresh organic ginger root and organic ginger powder through them. They deliver once a month. The fresh ginger root will keep for a long time in the freezer. I've never done anything with the peels. I've only ever "used" them by throwing them in the compost pile.

Candy C. said...

I love ginger in all it's forms! Great idea to dry it to save for later. Have you ever tried keeping the fresh in the freezer as Rachael Ray suggests?

Kristina said...

I have not placed my ginger in the freezer (space issues until I buy a deep freezer).

Thanks Janice, for the tip on Azure Standard. I have never heard of them, so I will check into it.

Michelle said...

I never know you could dry garlic. Will have to try this.