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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, February 10, 2023

Canning Grape Jelly ~ Scrubbing Wood Flooring ~ Battery Operated Crochet Hooks

I put this job off all summer long.  I make home canned reduced sugar grape jelly, using organic non-sweetened concord grape juice.

I don't need a lot, and it's nice to have on hand.  Another winter job checked off the list.

I started to clean the wood flooring upstairs.  It will take some time.  I have to clean then move stuff and clean, and move it back etc.  I won't be up there every day either.  I also have to scrub the floor first, then clean with a odor remover spray due to pet urine (sigh).

There is a plan in place.  

Question for those with chickens.  We are going to be building a new coop, but prefer not to hook electric up to it.  Can anyone suggest solar operated heat lamps?  Are there ones better than others?

I'm also seeking suggestions for a battery operated coffee brewer (single or pot).  I think we could use one.  We've had way too many power outages here.

Here is a look at the battery operated crochet hooks I have.  It came with a case, and extra batteries.  I believe I got mine on Amazon several years ago.


Josepha said...

Do you have a way to boil water when the hydro fails (gas stove, wood stove)? If so, I would recommend getting a French
Press! I take mine camping and cottaging. It makes amazing coffee any time. So simple and one less thing that needs batteries.

Kristina said...

Josepha, our stove is electric, but we have a wood stove. Oh my gosh, I do believe I have a French press around here somewhere. I will be on the hunt now. Things got so disorganized having to pack up rooms to repair floors. Now where would it be? Ha ha!