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Sunday, February 19, 2023

Einkorn Banana Bread ~ Slippery Elm Throat Lozenges


Crazy stuff here.  I could have sworn, that I had a banana-blueberry bread recipe some where.  If I did, I cannot find it.  Not with Einkorn flour.  I searched Jovial's recipes too.  I ended up making banana bread. 

Does anyone have an Einkorn flour bread recipe with bananas and blueberries?

I made a short road trip to the health store. I am still dealing with hoarseness.  I'm getting better, just not all the way yet.  The owner recommended slippery elm lozenges.  

I did some research and you can make these at home.  I found a recipe with Learning Herbs:  HERE  They are pretty inexpensive, so I'm not sure if buying all the ingredients, making them myself, is worth it.  I am wondering if they would be better for my throat if they were homemade.  

I also found a recipe for making them, and using my dehydrator.  They do have to dry out a bit after making them.

Has anyone made these lozenges?   I just hate to pay the high shipping costs from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Update on the home repairs/renovations:  Hallway is cleaned up and ready to paint trim.  I have the entrance way trim into the kitchen cleaned and wiped down, ready to prime.  We are still waiting on the solution for the pet urine (to clean wood floors), and I started another donation box.

We both decided to put the office off for now.  It is jam packed with book shelves, and more boxed up stuff from other jobs we did.  We still have other rooms, and the upstairs to keep us busy.  Spring is just coming too fast.

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