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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Mexican Corn Bread


I had all the ingredients to make this (for a potluck that I did not make it to), so I did, and sent most of it to work with my husband.  It is not diabetic friendly.  It is very good however.  I saved some for my own lunch (comfort food).  It is "corn bread" however.  There is a layer of bread then meat/veggies then more corn bread on top.  It's more of a side dish for your next Mexican meal night or potluck.

Anyway, you top this with sour cream, or whatever you'd like, and is perfect for a potluck dish for a Mexican food meal.

The actual recipe is online, but we adjusted it with organic ingredients.  Recipe is online with "Bake it with Love."

Did you know you can make homemade "jiffy" mix?

I also make homemade taco seasoning.  I have been doing this for years now.

"Rotel" can be substituted with home canned tomatoes and added organic chilies.

You can add more flavor by adding diced jalapeno to the ground beef mix as well.  So good, but not good for you, ha ha!  Perfect for a Mexican Fiesta!  

I'm making a new recipe tomorrow for a Mexican dinner.  It starts with a chuck roast in my crock pot.  I'll update after we taste it.  My husband requested it.

Do you have a favorite dish for a Mexican meal?


Jackie See said...

Yumm corn bread! I am going to confess that we love mexican food and have a local family owned mexican restaurant just 1 mile from our home. I love the shrimp and mushrooms with vegetables, and thehubs loves the four meat fajitas. I rarely make mexican food at home as we are a farming community and chicken processing is a big draw for the Illegals crossing our southern border. We have little mexican, guatemalan, etc cafeterias and food trucks on just about every corner in the city just half an hour away. They are delicious and very inexpensive for eating out. For a small town, we also have many mexican grocery stores as well, even a mexican bakery. The people are so nice! We enjoy it even though we don't understand spanish! Have a great day and keep moving forward! ~jackiesee~

R's Rue said...

Wow. That looks delicious.

Kristina said...

Jackie See, you are lucky. The Mexican store near us closed. Nearest one is about an hour drive. We saw a tamale truck in a town about 25 minutes from us a few weekends ago, but only a few good restaurants in our area.

Kristina said...

Thank you R's Rue.