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Friday, February 17, 2023

Coffee Hour and Computer Time


I've been spending morning coffee hour looking at paint colors for the next upcoming rooms/hallway.  It's not easy for sure.  I may buy samples again, as the color is never the same on the paint chip as it is on the wall.  Lighting can also change the color in a room or hallway.

By looking them up online first, it saves me a lot of him-hawing time at the hardware store.  It also helps me visualize the room/trim etc.  

I've also been pretty regular at devoting a few days a week to load any useable digital coupons from two stores, but thinking about starting up digital with a third.  The way things are going, any savings helps these days.

Boring post today folks.


Katie C. said...

Which coupon savers do you recommend? Right now I just use the digital coupons from the particular store.

You are definitely right about paint colors. Way back a long time ago in the 80s, I painted my townhouse living room. I kept chanting, “It’s going to dry lighter. It’s going to dry lighter.” I had a pepto bismal colored living room for a long time. Weeks after the paint dried I went to a party where their living room was painted the color I was aiming for. It had peach in it too which made it kind of like the inside of a shell.

Anyway, I learned my lesson. When I wanted to paint the dining room a light grey with white trim, I asked for help at the paint store. I was told you don’t want that color (the one I was holding), it has too much brown in it. What?! They got the proper sample and with the two side by side I could see it. I needed the one with more blue tones in it.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Katie, I agree on the paint samples. I bought actual small paint samples to paint on the wall when we did the living room. As far as digital coupons, it depends on what stores you have in your area. Here we have Kroger and Meijer, and I do coupons for both, and also earn money off coupons. Dollar General has them, but I just don't frequent there as much, but I may be soon. I will be comparing prices on things like Dawn soap, toilet paper, etc.

Debi said...

I hate picking out paint colors... it never looks like the vision I have in my head. The last two big paint jobs that we did I bought the little samples and painted swatches on the wall. My son teases me that those four swatches were on the wall for five years and then I picked a completely different color. That's not true they were only there for a year and I did pick one of the colors! Anyway... I empathize with the agony of choosing paint colors... happy weekend!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Debi, we have not painted anything here for 14 years, so I hope once we do, it will be another 14 ha ha!

Carol said...

Paint samples can be deceiving as they are never the same at home as in the store. I need to paint our hallway, but I just do not want to do it.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Carol, I do not like to paint either, and the hall is next, then either bedroom or office, but there is still boxes of stuff in my office...ugh...ceilings are getting painted too, after 14 years.