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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Hot Peppers ~ Sweet Chili Sauce ~ Hot Pepper Jelly ~ Lemon Seed Fail


It's been crazy busy around here.  I cooked a meal and delivered it to a family friend who had foot surgery, and we had to drive 3 hours to go pick up our truck keys.  Just strange all around, but we have the keys.  I just don't have the truck ha ha!

It is still in the body shop getting fixed from the deer hitting it.  I however, have not run out things to do.

Our hot peppers are doing exceptionally well this year.  The bell peppers however are still small and a small harvest.

I canned some sweet chili sauce - new recipe.  I cannot wait to taste it.

Canned hot pepper jelly. 

Taco sauce got canned.

I purchased Meyer lemon seeds from someone on Etsy.  I tried to sprout one all summer.  Every single seed was a dud.  Guess I'm spending a fortune next year on a plant.

It's getting difficult to not only budget other food we need, but to even find what we need.  Daughter E cannot find her cat's cat food anywhere.  I could not either.  She had to try a different brand and mix it with his usual.  Hope he's okay with it.  He's older. 

I needed some shout for the laundry.  I could not find that either.  I had to search around and found a different brand.

Some how, I misplaced my bulk bag of bay leaves.  I think they got lost when we tore out half the kitchen.  Anyway, I asked my husband to bring home a small jar for now.

He paid $12.49 for this!!!

The tomatoes are rolling in daily, so I apologize for blurps in blog posting right now.


Sandra said...

We love sweet chili sauce, you'll have to share the recipe, would love to make it myself.

Looks like you got a lot done, good job.

Faith said...

Out of Shout! Well, that's what I would grab for sure-NOT. I'm wondering about how the supply chain is working or not, different areas different shortages. This we we are making sure doing due diligence to have enough cold supplies in the house. I love sweet chilli sauce, I don't can anymore. I buy Franks brand. Our peppers didn't do well, but our garden was all new soil, so I'm fortifying with egg shells & coffee grounds plus compost. Hopeful for next years garden. Collecting seeds and winding down.

Kristina said...

Faith, we are winding down on everything but bell peppers, tomatoes and hot peppers. Tomatoes turned red very late this year.