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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Bruschetta in a Jar and chit chat

 I decided to try another recipe from Ball.  Hopefully it will taste as good as it sounds.  I'll be doing a taste testing before making it again (if I do make it again).  Has anyone canned this?  (that is pizza sauce in the back)

The recipe is in this book:

You can also get it online here.

Bell peppers are also getting flash froze, but golly I have to keep my brain in order to remember to get them bagged before I forget they are in there.  I doubt I will be getting enough to freeze stuffed peppers this year.  Due to the weather they are small and we are not getting as many as a typical year.

Not sure if you all heard, but the BP oil company was sold to a Canadian company.  I believe the actual switch will be this coming December, and our two younger girls will lose their health insurance with us.  Not sure this is going to be good for us or not, but it's happening.  The girls have been told, so they are working on getting health insurance (so sad this is happening to them with inflation right now).  Also, the cost for our health insurance goes up for us.  I may be needing to go back to work, which would take a toll on growing a garden.  Time will tell.


Debi said...

I have the same "memory" problem with flash freezing! Glad I'm not the only one. So sorry to hear about what's happening with the health insurance for your girls. I hope they can find a good replacement plan that is affordable for them.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Debi, they are searching for one now, but everything in price a few weeks ago, went up already. Just like car parts. One daughter's wheel bearing went up in price in just a few weeks and way high in price for a part.

Faith said...

Arn't those Marigolds something else? They came from foraged seeds, I have quite a few left from last year, and now I have this years crop too, which is still blooming and look really pretty right now. I had never seen Marigolds that tall before I saw these. I like to flash freeze, and do forget sometimes that I've done so, in fact, I have some Pesto in there now. Better tend to that. Thank you for stopping over and commenting...