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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Fun Finds ~ Hot Banana Peppers and other ramblings

 While shopping in Amish country, we walked thru a few antique stores, and I found a butter dish to match my salt and pepper shakers.  By the way, there was one store that had a ton of this Jadeite in their booth.

I also found a few more mini hen and nests for the cubbies in the kitchen.  

I double checked the garden, and had enough for a half batch of hot pepper mustard sauce.  Those have left the kitchen.  Now I need to go check on the jalapenos.  I'm glad I checked the tomatoes.  Some of the tomato stakes had to be straightened again.

I tried a new fresh salsa recipe and it was so good!  We are getting tomatoes from the garden now.  I also made a lemon cheese cake pie that was also a new recipe.  It's a keeper.

Another produce stand has closed their doors.  I counted on them, when I needed just a few more hot banana peppers for my canning recipe.  Sigh.  More and more small town restaurants are now closing their doors at 2-3pm, and not open for dinner anymore (lack of employees, which I just don't understand).

I was just told that the large oil company my husband works for is being bought out.  He's been told the insurance for us will be better, but I hope it doesn't change any of his retirement.  


Latane Barton said...

keeping my fingers crossed about your husband's company take over by a new outfit. That could be scary but I hope it works out for your benefit.

Faith said...

love that butter dish, and the hen dishes. I have one in light green that I use to keep salt in, we are going at the end of September and I wanted to find another one they are so cute. I cannot comment on your comment on my blog for the moment. Now I can't even remember what I was going to say anyway. I don't can anymore got to dangerous for me. I do freeze the Kentucky Wonder beans we are harvesting. Such a joy to harvest from your own place. I hope that the buy out will not affect your family adversely. Well, if this shows up anonymous, it's me Faith from CrochetbytheSea.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Latane, it is very scary. Hopefully it will be better, but I guess we'll see.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Faith, I am still looking for a specific color of hen and nest. I saw a blue one at the new Ohio Market, but have that color already. It was with the antique part of the market. It was only $8.99 too. It may still be there.