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Thursday, August 6, 2015

More Tomatoes and other Tidbits ~ Chicken Funny

I did a quick walk through one area we planted tomatoes.  All  those green ones are turning red (although I don't see new green ones yet).  These romas weighed in at 10 lbs.  I'm holding out a few more days to see if I'll get more before deciding on what I'll can.  I need 45 lbs. to make 7 quarts of seasoned tomato sauce.  And of course these are not all very big, most are pretty small in size.
Adding those 10 lbs. to the ones I have already, I have about 12-13 lbs (which the kids are already complaining about since they are all over the kitchen table).  It takes a lot of tomatoes to make sauce.  They'll just have to get over it and go eat on the porch. 

Picked the first tomato worms this year.  The chickens went bananas when I gave them to them.  It's much easier, and less messy to do that what my Grandpa used to do (squash them between two bricks).  By the way, I found most of them on plants that were nearest to the basil that survived.  I read that basil keeps the horn worms off, but not in our case.  Maybe I should plant more around each plant?  If my small patch of basil goes to seed, I'll save them.  I planted organic basil seeds.

 I'm going to need more labels. I just hope to can more staples, vs. condiments and jams and jellies.  Although today I am canning Blueberry-Cinnamon jam  (not much, just one batch for winter), and freezing blueberries.  Once again, a busy day in the kitchen.

Tomorrow, my plan is to be finished with this weeks canning (aside from tomatoes), and start planning a grill-out/hang out on the porch gathering for Son, and for sending one daughter off to college.  I hope to get some handiwork time too (Christmas will be here before I know it, and I have more stuff to make).

I'm still searching for organic bell peppers. Mama Pea, if you get any for freezing "stuffed" peppers, would you post on how you make yours?  I would like to make some too, but do you freeze before you bake?  or after?  I'm assuming it's before. 

With all our hard winters, it would be a very easy, and healthy meal for us.

Two days of eggs.  You can't really see them with the aqua towel, but only two are green.  Once again, the barred rocks lead in egg production.

While we were all in the kitchen, Son starts pulling these out of his bag, saying he "brought us all something."  See the names on them?

This one says "Sugar Cookie."  Want to guess what's in the bags?

Sand (from CA).  Ha ha!  We got a laugh.

And to give you all a laugh, I'll end today's post with this....

"Hurry Hennie, Sparta farted in there!"


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Oh how fun! I love the souvenir sand. He didn't have any trouble getting that on the plane?! I'm surprised by that one. We usually get sand and ocean water and shells if we ever have someone go to the beach! I thought the nick names were funny!
Our chickens RUSH to get out too... like the coops on fire sometimes!
I hope you get more tomatoes that you need. We only planted 2 plants and only got 4-5 tomatoes.
The garden was almost a disappointment this year. There still may be time for a fall garden here.

Mama Pea said...

Yes, getting more "staples" put up for the coming winter season would be wonderful, but don't forget that all the condiments and jams and jellies you're getting put by are those little touches that sometimes really make a meal. Plus, they're expensive to buy!

I will definitely post my Stuffed Green Pepper recipe when I make mine in a month or so. I've tweaked and changed my recipe quite a few times over the years and finally have one we really like. Matter of fact, every time I serve them my husband comments that he could eat them every night of the week! Nice to know, but my appetite sure get bored. :o] I blanch the pepper halves, mix the filling (basically cooked rice and raw ground beef with seasonsings), load it into the pepper halves and freeze. Then bake for 30 minutes to serve. But I will post the whole recipe in about a month when I'm making my supply for the freezer. They make such an easy, convenience meal all year long.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Patricia, he got the sand home with no problems, ha ha! Here's to a better garden year next year!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, thank you! I have made them for dinner, but that was one summer when we had a bumper crop. I can't wait to see your post. Yum!

RB said...

It's a blessing you're getting something from your garden. Never know, maybe it's the Lord's way of telling you you need more Vitamin C from the maters.
Funny about the chickens. They do rush the door in the morning when they've been shut in all night. We haven't named our three new pullet hens yet; but the rooster has always been Henry and he once had a hen named Hennie too.
I'm thinking maybe the bags once held goodies you sent your son. No idea what's in 'em now, boot camp sand maybe? LOL
Ya'all have a safe blessed weekend.
God bless.