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Friday, August 14, 2015

Dandelion Vinegar Update and "Mr. Clean"

Remember the dandelion vinegar I made?  

This is a late update on it, but I drained my quart jar, and got about a bit over a pint of the dandelion vinegar.  Sadly, I have to buy all of my greens, and salad mixin's this season, but the vinegar adds a nice flavor.
I read somewhere that dandelions (please correct me if I am wrong) are full of calcium too, so this fall when dandelions are back, I plan to make more.    

I told the girls, "if you think I'm crazy now, I'm putting flower petals in you salad."  One daughter responded, "you are far past that Mom!"  I put calendula petals in the salad.

In fact, I plan to have one for lunch on the porch today.  I had ripe cherry tomatoes and added green onion from the herb garden too.

Hubby first started cleaning the master bathroom while I chopped and sliced bell peppers.  He went to the porch to wait for the newly mopped bathroom floor to dry, and started sweeping the front porch.  

Hours later it was spotless.  He turned the hose on it, along with a scrub brush, and by the time he was putting things back in place, he was soaked from the hose.

He even cleaned the ceiling!!  Not a spider web in site.  It was dinner time before I was allowed to sit on the porch again, ha ha!  Of course a few drips dropped on me, but he did a fabulous job.  At least my porch is super clean, if I don't get anything else clean today.   That is where we spend a lot of time, so it was a nice surprise.


Kim said...

What a way to make momma happy! Give her a nice clean porch. You are right about the dandelions having calcium but I never thought about the vinegar before. Do you get the calcium from them as well as eating them in your salad.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Kim, somewhere in one of the books I read from the library, it said that the vinegar draws the nutrients and medicinal properties from the roots and leaves, and you get them that way too. I'm still getting more books from the library, but we are giving it a try.

Susan said...

Wow! He's a keeper! Do you rent him out??? :) Your porch just glows! Isn't that salad beautiful? My calendula plants are just now beginning to flower - I need to plant more (and earlier) next year.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, ha ha! When he gets going on a project, he really gets going. I need to plant a lot more calendula next year too. I didn't realize I'd use so much.

Unknown said...

I love your big covered porch! I miss that here at our little house, just a front entry way...

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Nancy, it is one of favorite things about the house.

Mama Pea said...

This was our hottest day yet here in Minnesota (the humidity has been AWFUL) so your porch looks wonderfully cool (and clean!). After Mr. Clean makes a house call at Susan's, please send him on to our place!

Edible flowers in salads or other foods are so much fun, let alone attractive. I once served hubby's sister a small dish of cottage cheese with violets on top. She had no idea violets were edible and the look on her face was priceless. The presentation sure was pretty!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Ha Ha! He's so proud of his work! Mama Pea, I think I have broke my kids in now. They never even blinked at the petals and ate it right away.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

You're salad looks so delicious. The dandelion vinegar sounds pretty tasty too. I think I've read the same thing about calcium in dandelion or just greens in general.
anyway... it's so hot here, we don't need a hose to be soaked. We just get soaked from being outside sweating!
Your porch looks lovely... how nice of him to clean it all up for you. The shelf is a nice touch too!
YAY! to no spiders... ;)

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Patricia, although it rained, the humidity is thick here too. Two spider webs continue to show up every day, even after knocking them down. Persistent spiders they are.

RB said...

Wow! That's a good cleaning husband you've got there. Many of us are lucky if the husband even picks up after himself let alone cleans anything.
The dandelion vinegar sounds interesting. Did it taste like white or apple cider vinegar, or did it have a flavor of its own?
God bless.