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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

He Provides

This week has been super productive, and I got another batch of sweet pickle relish canned.  I actually froze beets (first time to get any in my freezer). I'm in the kitchen again today.

You would not believe this.

I walked out to take a look-see at the garden, and assess if I wanted to fall plant (which is undetermined as of today).  My walk out there was worth it.

This all came from my garden.  Although the plants are dying and crispy, I found these on them!!!  

I also got these!  Ha ha ha ha!  Never, ever, did we expect anything at all.  The tops of the plants are dried up and brown.

I had enough to can a batch of zucchini salsa (day one was yesterday), which I'll post on soon.  

I also got 3 zucchini from the garden, although....

... the plants look about dead.  I don't expect more, but was thrilled to get any at all.    The plants are almost all yellowed with the leaves browning and dying.  I see one or two green leaves, but most of what you see green, are weeds and grass.

I also got a few hot banana peppers.  Those went in the zucchini salsa.

This is what the green pepper plants look like.  Can you see them, ha ha!  They never grew, never had many blooms, and I see one very small green pepper in there. As you can see, I'm not in a hurry to clean out the garden yet.  On my list to stock up on, are organic bell peppers.  I'm sure it will be very difficult to find them at any Farmer's Market around here. 

I have been able to freeze more green beans, thanks to local growers that had some.

I have also fall planted my calendula, and hope to get more blossoms, and seeds saved for next year.   I re-planted my parsley too - zero in the herb garden this year (so far).

Two of the kids got a history lesson in music.  I happened to be singing "Sugar, Sugar" by the Archies while I measured my sugar yesterday.  They rolled their eyes, so I tortured them with more songs.  Then I found out Hubby had been singing the same song while shopping with another daughter at the store.  We both got a laugh at the end of the day.  One thing is for sure.  I know how to get them out of bed now, he he!  

My 18 year-old put Michael Jackson on to play, and said, "I'm going to fix you."  Ha ha! (she and I love MJ) And that is what we all listened to, while I chopped the 12 cups of zucchini, 4 bell peppers, 4 onions, and 3 hot peppers.  Today is day two for salsa making.  In the midst of all that chopping, and talking on the phone with my younger brother on how to make vanilla extract (by the way he found organic vodka at a local grocer, but I have yet to find out if the grain they use is non-gmo), two men stopped at the house.  We may have found a solution to the old big barn.  We need to check them out first, and read over the liability form.  Cross your fingers.

If the Lord provides me more tomatoes, I think I will make herbed tomato sauce first.  It is needed more for meals than ketchup, or pizza sauce.  


Kim said...

What a blessing you received. And you knew just what to do with it.

Mama Pea said...

Wow! Those tomatoes from your garden are a wonder! Just goes to show that those amazing little seeds of a plant have amazing powers to reproduce. They sure didn't have good growing conditions this year!

I'm going to have to find a source for organic bell peppers this year, too. Hoping I can order some through our co-op (if the price isn't astronomical!) because I have only 5 plants left of the 11 I planted and only one of them looks good. Having a bunch of Stuffed Green Peppers in the freezer is a staple as far as a "convenience" food for me over the winter.

Susan said...

I can't believe you were singing "Sugar, Sugar"! I was singing that all afternoon on Saturday while making blueberry jam! Of course, now I will sing it all day at work. Hope the whipper snapper can stand it... What an amazing amount of tomatoes! Mine are very slow to appear and ripen this year. I'm glad to have the big farm north of us that offers U-Pick.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Kim, if I get more in the next few days, I will be so grateful. We have zero sauce in the pantry, and I do use it throughout winter. We are truly blessed.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, ha ha ha! So funny you were singing that song too! As kids we had the album, ha ha! I need to make blueberry jam this week too.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, it's definitely a wonder, and I never expected tomatoes. Hubby said most of his co-workers said their tomatoes were loaded, then all the sudden dying. We went from extreme wetness to dried up crispy weather. I would love to get some stuffed peppers in the freezer this year. I have only made them once when we had a bumper crop.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Well, my granny used to have a saying when things weren't going as planned
"working wonders with rotten cucumbers"
though we're talking tomatoes here, and yours don't really look rotten, I must say you're working wonders with what you've been given. The LORD truly does not forget us.
That relish looks wonderful. I've only gotten very few squash and zucchini. I clean and cut them and lay them on a cookie sheet to freeze and then bag them up. It's a enough for a few meals for us... every bit helps. The cantaloupe get chilled and eaten as they come.
The pickles are turning out pretty nicely, I've been lacto-fermenting them. A first for me.
I hope the Barn situation is a GO for yall!
I know how you'd like to have it down.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Patricia, the men who suggested their offer to us, are tearing a barn down not far. We may do a "drive by" to see and check it out. I hope it all works out.

RB said...

Well Praise and Thank God!!!
I believe the fruit from those weak plants are "manna from heaven". Be sure to save some of their seeds; they're sure to be winners next year.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, I was thinking the same thing (saving seeds). I was such a nice surprise.