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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Random Tidbits ~ Extreme Clean

Can you tell today is the first day of school for the younger two? Ha ha!
I lost my #3 steel crochet hook.  I have doubles of almost every crochet hook there is, but not my #3.  It was time to go back into the closet to clean and sort.  I had to keep myself busy yesterday, as I waited
for text messages updating me on Son's location.

I emptied several boxes that we never even opened from the last move (sadly).  I now have more room, thankfully.  Or it looks much better too.  But!  I'm not even close to a finish on the job.

I have my Dad's old manual typewriter, that even the historical society does not want.  He used it at the Drug Store where he hand typed prescriptions on.  Apparently, they have too many already.  I snapped photos and sent them to my family - no one wants it either.  Same with everything else, so in the thrift box it went.  One daughter wants to use it to play a joke on fellow college students, saying it's her "laptop."

Out of all I am getting rid of, I found a home for three very well kept Barbie dolls. I have no idea why I still had them. 

I had a box of cassette tapes too.  Seriously.  

Hubby came home to find the entire floor covered it stuff.  I told him, "either you will not like me, or you will be very happy with me."  Ha ha!  I played every tape to see if it worked.  They either went in the thrift box, or in the trash. I'll admit, I kept a few.  

I still have stuff all over the floor - sorting and deciding.  I can't hold on to everything.  I even have a giant M & M on a stand, that is holding a plastic saxophone.  You fill him up with M & M candy and move his one hand up and down like he's playing it, and out pops your M & M's.  I played alto sax in my younger days, so someone must have bought it for me.  It went in the thrift box too.  I can't believe I even packed that thing up, ha ha!  I even looked it up online, and it's a "collectible" it's selling from $5 to $20.00.  Not worth the hassle for me.  I'll let someone else do that work. 

Only two kids were able to participate in making a "time capsule" in school.  I waited for our 18 year-old to get home from work to see what was in hers.  It was a single sheet of paper with her likes, dislikes, age, teacher and what she wanted to be back then - a veterinarian.  One more thing out of my closet.

Two girls took a few purses I don't use anymore, so that gave me more space too.  One took a sweater that had fur on the hood (yes, I actually wore it at one time).  It was in brand new condition, and she was super excited to get it.

I found a box of stuff I had saved up for the Farmer's Market, and those went into kitchen drawers for us to use.

Several used pairs of shoes are now in the thrift box too.  Hubby will have his turn to go through stuff this weekend, including clothing.

I should be stocking up my onions today, but I'm on a mission to get the closet job done completely.  Even if it takes another day, or two , or three.


Susan said...

Say, Kristina, when you're done there, would you like to start on my problem closet!?! Isn't it interesting what we carry around with us. I have started to go through my craft closet (the biggest problem of many) but got stymied on the yarn side. I don't want to get rid of any of it. Sigh.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Ha! Susan, I am filling another box to take to the thrift again. I am going through crafting supplies too, as that is the only place to store it (my bedroom closet). I started to move it to shelves in my over-sized utility room, so I'm back at that job too.

Kim said...

Cleaning out is a good thing. It is appealing to our eyes but also to our soul. I am cleaning out a garage that I swear aliens had been storing things in!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Kim, I found birthday candles that say 10 cents and 5 cents. Ha ha ha! I must have gotten them handed down from Gram and Gramp via my Dad. They are going in the "birthday box" for future birthdays. I just hauled 3 big boxes to the thrift, and am filling another.

Mama Pea said...

While I was making three batches of pickles today, my hubby was making about a hundred (give or take a few) trips from the garage to the basement and back. He seemed to have a full box on the trip either way. He says he was sorting and getting stuff where it was supposed to go and said he even made a stack out in the garage to dump. We've had steady rain nearly all day so it was a great time for both our projects.

About those cassette tapes? We have a large drawer full of them. So . . . can I send them to you?? ;o}

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I had to laugh at your found treasures and that you took time to look up the M&M Saxaphone player... and still you passed it on to some lucky recipient!
Fun memories.
Too bad about the typewriter. Lots of folks are looking for those these days... some one will scoop it up!
I'm getting closer to the start date for school. I am looking around my house and seeing so much that should be done. I'm thinking... will I have time for cleaning and study? Crazy... but without all the littles here, yeah maybe!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, I can't wait until it's all finished. I have no canning to do, and it's raining again, so lucky me - inside cleaning again. Um...have to pass on those cassettes. I put a limit on what I'm keeping, ha ha! Hubby is pretty impressed so far, but he still has his own boxes to clean out. Maybe this weekend.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Patricia, I thought for sure out local historical society would take it, as my Dad used it in a store he co-owned in my birth town. Nope. It is in very good shape too, and very heavy. I do have a scrap book in which I keep letters and emails from family that share family history, and photos to go along with them (or of family items themselves). For example, my Aunt sent me a crocheted blanket from her Aunt, and I use the blanket, but put the letter and a photo of it in the scrapbook (the letter tells who made it, etc). I will take a photo of the typewriter and put it in the scrapbook, and write a history note next to it.