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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tiger in a Pot ~ Random Tidbits ~ Sore Throat Pops

In between running here and there, I have brought in more onions.  I am so glad we planted over 300, or we would have had zero.   

Tiger, can smell certain foods a mile away.  I caught Tiger trying to get in a pot that I had used to bring in some onions.  Hilarious!   There was nothing in the pot a few scant onion tops.  He loves squash, watermelon, corn cob husks, and onion tops.   The pot was on the floor, because I made too many dirty dishes that day.  Don't worry, the pot was sanitized.

I spent some time with the herb garden again, stocking them up some more.  It needs weeded again though.

Visited the vegetable garden.  Dug up two carrots.  They are very small, and not developed as they should be by now. Not sure if they'll have time to grow yet.

The grass is about three feet tall, and I am surprised I found these peppers (above).  I may have a few more hot peppers, so I'll be weeding that out soon.

I'm still deep cleaning.  I try to fit it in where ever I can, considering it will never be done if I don't.  Like all those recipes that I found again (lurking in a hidden spot). 

I'm finally setting a goal to put one new recipe on the fridge, and replace it with another each time I try a new recipe (until my small pile is completely gone).  The key, however, will be for me to have self control and not cut any more out of magazines (or print any more). 

Our 16 year-old that caught a virus of some sort, took a long tea tree oil bath, and became worse over night - stuffed up, sore throat, vomiting, etc.  No fever.  Another day of tea, and tea tree oil, she was feeling better but still had a sore throat.   She went to school, but got sick at school yesterday.  School time always brings an onslaught of unwanted germs.  We took a quick trip to the doctor, but the doctor could not diagnose her with anything but "something viral."  At 4am, she woke me to tell me her temperature was 102°.  

I made her some sore throat pops, but decided to buy reusable "pop" makers on clearance.  These are nice tasty treats too.  Especially on a hot humid day. 

My older brother gave us some fish recently, and we had some of the blue gill.  It was the first time my kids, and myself, have ever tasted blue gill.  Delicious!  

It is so peaceful here today.  Even with the windows open.  A perfect morning to start my day with a bit of porch time.  That is, after my 2 mile walk.  Then it's back to decluttering, organizing, sanitizing.  I really think I can get this place to look good, and actually stay that way for once, along with everything in it's proper place.  I even put up a "Warning" sign with "Operation Clean Up" on it.  I gave the kids a week to clean their rooms too (and to help me with the rest of course). 



Kim said...

Wow, you are a cleaning machine. sorry to hear of the sick one. Hope it does not make its rounds to all of you.

Mama Pea said...

How wonderful (and amazing!) that you're getting even a little produce from your garden. Blessings in small amounts!

Got just a glimpse of your oh-so-attractive kitchen cabinet pulls in a couple of your pictures. I sure do like them. Old-fashioned (in a good way to my mind), and very practical. Good choice . . . and why didn't I choose them?? ;o}

Hope your daughter shakes the bug she picked up at school, and that none of the rest of you catch it.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea,thanks! I do love those pulls. I'm so glad I took the time this year to put them in, despite Hubby on strike. Now that the kitchen looks great, Hubby is moving onto his "to-do" list. We are using our essential oil "anti-ill" spray everywhere, I and insist hands are sprayed after going anywhere now.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Kim, it has really felt good to get some things done that I normally can't do this time of year. Daughter is gargling with salt water, resting, taking tea tree baths and putting it in her feet, and drinking medicinal teas. And she has the throat pops too. Next, her bedding is getting sanitized.

Sam I Am...... said...

My son and his family went to the Iowa State Fair and that night they all got sick too. They ate different things so they didn't think it was food poisoning but from what I hear there is something going around. It's a little early for flu season but then it's a little early for Fall too but that seems to be coming on fast! The trees are changing color in Michigan and I am wearing a sweater this morning here in the South!
Good for you with the cleaning. I'm trying to get outside work done while just maintaining meals and laundry and daily chores. I am painting outside.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Sam I am, I was just on the phone telling Hubby I feel like I have short windows of time to clean, as I am either preparing food, tending laundry, chickens, sick kids and housework. It's chilly here too, and I do love it. And I found more scarp yarn, ha ha! Hiding in my closet!

Susan said...

Oh, I had to laugh at your comments about trying recipes. I am so susceptible to printing out or cutting out new ones to try. I must have a stack two inches thick of recipes I haven't tried. I have a room that needs attention and I have so far ignored it. I think I may follow your lead and work on it a little every day, not worrying if I get a whole lot done. A friend who is a retired teacher, said that every fall he felt like he was entering a germ factory when he went to work! Hope your daughter feels better soon.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, I am always finding good recipes to try, but my recipe box is exploding, ha ha! I got a lot accomplished today.

HeatherD76 said...

Both of my cats love to come check out what produce I brought in with me. My Abby girl loves to steal the green beans as I snip and snap them. She likes to bat them around the house.

Hope your daughter feel better soon. The same illness hit my sisters house too. So far only two of the four kids got it.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Heather, cats can be so entertaining, ha ha! So far, the illness has only hit one kiddo, and she went to school today. I'm not sure if she'll make it through the day or not.

RB said...

That picture of the cat is hilarious. You put it within their reach, it's theirs. LOL
Still not feeling well down here either. That's all we hear too, "some kind of virus." Ok, but for a month already?
With international universities here in NC, Lord only knows what international students bring back with 'em.
Have a great week.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, I have been using an essential oil blend to fight off germs. So far only a few have a few sniffles. Hope you feel better soon.

Stephen said...

I love the cat scouting out the pot! Back at the farm the parentals adopted a feral kitten who is a complete survivor: he won't steal meat or fish off the benches. But what he loves is bread, cheese, potato chips, etc etc. I'm pretty sure he thinks he's a little person in a cat suit!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Stephen, Tiger likes chips too. He is such a funny cat.