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Monday, June 8, 2015

Humid, Hot, and More Rain

Posting late today, due to those extra duties I have right now, but happy to to get a entire pot of coffee all to myself.
The recent storm brought us much needed rain, but also more weeds.  I'm not sure what hurts more, my back or knees.  The beets were so bad, I had to weed them out on my knees.  Even though I had gloves on, hands are blistered from thistle stabbing me through to the skin.

I picked a few radishes to taste, but they are not all ready yet for harvest for stocking up just yet.

I enlisted weeding help from Youngest, but she pooped out on me early.  Hubby was too busy mowing, picking up a load of straw.  Thankfully, a good neighbor sold us two bales of hay to get us by.  I still cut a tote full of grass from the pasture too.  Just in case we get rain more than we need.

I looked over the cucumbers.  They were still wet from the previous two days of solid rain, so I hope they do okay.

The heirloom kale looks great!  These seeds were tucked away in my seed box, and dated 2011 (sadly I don't have the exact name of it on the seed packet).  They were from a seed swap, and they grew better than my swiss chard this year.  I do blame the chard on Hubby.  It's his once a year garden flub.  He tilled before the seeds sprouted enough to see them, and he buried them all but 3 plants. I ran out to the garden already today, and tossed down some more seeds.  A thunderstorm is rolling in within the next hour or so.

Our strawberries are not doing well at all this year.  I think we need to pull the plants and buy better ones next year.  I'll have to buy some this week.  I do see that the wild black raspberries are already starting to form on the bushes.

Milking the goats is going pretty good.  The first night, I think I milked Misty a bit unevenly, ha ha!  It's her fault.  I wasn't milking fast enough, so she pressed down on the milk bucket.   Peanut is a cinch.  She stands still, without a hobble, and without hooking her collar to anything.  There's an order of milking too.  They know who goes first too.

The cheese of my choice, is a batch of cream cheese.  We only get in over the summer, so why not, right?

We are still getting raccoons.  Hmpf. Jesse is on the look out most nights now, and scares them off, ha ha!  He detests seeing them through the door.  Thankfully, it's through the door, and not outside.

Speaking of Jesse, he thinks since his master is gone, he gets to sleep in our bed every night.  Ha!  Not happening.  I hate to see what he thinks when she goes off to college.  I guess I'm getting him a dog bed soon, because he's used to sleeping with his master.


Mama Pea said...

We've got a humid day here today, too. Except it's cool and humid which may be just as bad as hot and humid. How can you feel sticky and cold at the same time?

My first radishes are not too far behind yours. They will be the first produce from the garden . . . besides rhubarb and chives.

Sure glad we don't have a raccoon problem . . . but all of a sudden we are seeing about four million (give or take a hundred) chipmunks!! Something may have to be done about that. They'll be easier to get rid of than your raccoons!

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, I wish we could tear the big barn down sooner to rid the raccoons from slumming in there, but time is always a factor here. I have seen one rabbit out by the garden, but so far the glass jars upside down have kept them out of the greens.

Sam I Am...... said...

We're getting little showers and then the sun comes out and it is hot and humid! Garden work is hard but they say if you can keep the weeds down for the first 10 days then it's not that difficult after that. It's hard to do when it rains all the time though. Raccoons are a pest. They would always get my peaches and my corn even though we had a dog out all night. Good luck and if I had any extra energy I would send it your way! LOL!

Kristina said...

Thanks Sam I Am, today I have to weed my rose bed up by my house. It's in terrible shape, and despite layering down black garden netting and then years later a huge layer of newspaper, we still battle grass in it.