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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Break Over

Our 18 year-old is now a high school graduate, and about to start her first job this next week.  We, as parents discourage our kids from working while they are in school.  From our own experience, it effects their grades, their energy level, and much more.

I finished a book over my week long break from the internet.  And just for the record, I am still reading a Hemingway book. 

I ran out of white yarn, and have yet to pick up more. Maybe this week I can.

It was nice to get a break, but reality sets in when the break is over.   I'm still weeding through 421 emails.  Most of course are just advertisements.  I am starting to unsubscribe to many of them this next week. 

Good news!  Our white doeling has a new home.  She went to a family just getting started in raising dairy goats.

Also, Hubby starts back to work Monday.  It's not every day just yet, but I guess they have some talks to give the employees first.  What a mess, but glad the 300-some employees are going back to work.

We are out of hay, and cannot locate any just yet.  With our one daughter going off this weekend for college orientation, I'm on total goat duty until next Wednesday morning (milking the two ladies).  I'm rotating them in the pasture, and cutting grass by hand for the bucklings.   Our hay/straw guy has not made his first cutting, but may soon (if the weather stays dry enough).  However, we expect bad storms and more rain late tonight.

Which reminds me, I need to make cheese today too.  Or tomorrow.  We have a good supply again.

Weeding the garden will be much easier after this next rain, so I may simply take the day off from that today.  I need to get laundry out before our so-called neighbor starts disrespecting all of the residential homes in our area, and filing them with air pollution (dirt, dust, exhaust etc.).  Yesterday, another one of his "customers" flipped me off (driving past our homestead), while sitting on my porch.  Second time this season. Next time I'm getting the plate numbers and making a report.

I hope your Sunday is peaceful and relaxing.


Sam I Am...... said...

Glad you're back and I see you finished your Hemmingway and have started on another. Stolen doesn't look like anything I wuld want to read although I have signed many petitions to try and help stop this horrific crime.
It's hot here and I just closed the windows and turned on the ac as I could feel the heat flooding in through the windows....90's today with high humidity and dew point! Ahhhgh! Stay cool!

Mama Pea said...

Good to have you back and hope you are feeling a bit refreshed. (This time of year, that's a hard feeling to acquire!)

Good news about your hubby going back to work. Sure hope all returns to normal quickly.

We're still in the deep freeze (for early summer) and getting plenty of rain. One and 2/10ths of an inch overnight. No garden work today.

Unknown said...

I'd rest too! 400+ emails? I'd really tighten up your spam filter depending on what kind of software you have? Or change your email address. We did that years ago and it worked great! We just emailed everyone that actually needed it in advance and then switched...

Kristina said...

Sam I am, the book was pretty much her experience and sharing information on how to help stop it. Not my typical genre to read, but it was a break from Hemingway. It's very warm here today, and I just came in for a very, very late lunch.

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, we are about to hit a week of the 80's, and my garden is a mess - weeds everywhere. We are expecting a rain storm tonight, so I hope weeding will be cooler and easier tomorrow. Hubby is glad to get the good news, but they are really not treating the employees very well.

Kristina said...

Nancy, over the years, I subscribed to places we shopped for school clothes, so coupons went to my inbox. Now that one is going to college, I can unsubscribe to many of them.

Liz said...

Glad to read the hubby went back to work! We have had rain today and its seems the weeds shot up out of no where. I will be weeding tomorrow too! Happy cheese making!

Carolyn said...

Remember when we LOVED to get email? Now I dread going to my inbox (which I have purposely avoided the entire weekend) fearing the backlog of junk emails I have to weed through. Welcome back :)

Kim said...

Glad to have you back it has been a long week for all of us without you. Such great news about your husband and daughter too. We are super dry here and they just made the first cut end of last week. Still no rain in sight. Welcome back.

Kristina said...

Thanks Liz!

Kristina said...

Carolyn, I do remember when email was so fun to get, ha ha!

Kristina said...

Kim, rain arrived last night, but the sun is shining this morning.

RB said...

Welcome back! So much positive news coming from your way. Good to hear.
Kudos to your daughter and your husband. Having a job to go to each day is a wonderful thing.
It's hot here, danged hot, but we live in the South, so what else would we expect. LOL
Have a great week!
God bless.

Kristina said...

RB, I do remember the southern heat from our two trips there. One to NC, then GA, and one to SC. I shouldn't complain, right? ha ha!