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"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Note Unburied

The rainy day advantage was up for me once again.  I dug through a pile that was building and building.  In the process, I found a note written to me.

I know Mother's Day has passed by, but I wanted to share this note I got from my 18 year-old daughter.   This one was pretty amazing (not that the other cards and notes were not).

She wrote it in pencil, so I hope you can read it.  I darkened the print as best I could too.

The all-day rain we got yesterday, finally stopped some time during the night.  The highway flooded, just as we suspected, flowing more water in our direction.

I almost thought I was at the island, the rain sounded like waves of water crashing throughout the day.

We have tadpoles growing in staying water.  The kids thought that was just way cool.  As for me?  It painted a picture of the demise of our garden bounty this season.

I may need a row boat to get to the barn and garden today.  Then again, my garden may have floated off to lands unknown too.  Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow and all of the holiday weekend. 

Have a wonderful Sunday.  

I'm going to find a dry chair and sit on the porch in my pajamas.


Mama Pea said...

Your daughter's note? Priceless.

Oh, Kristina, I know how much you wanted a bountiful garden this year so you could have plenty of food put by for the coming winter. I feel so badly that your rain and flooding are causing so much more work for you. Add in the frustration of it all and I think you need to get in as much porch time (in a dry chair) as you can. Sending hugs.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, I get so depressed every day it rains. The wind did some damage, so today I am really down. I picked shell peas, but sank 3 inches into the garden every step I took. I'm trying to be positive, but all that work.....

RB said...

I have no hopes of reading that letter. My eyes are too bad. I'm sure it's very sweet though, and what a sweet child to take the time to write all that down too. It's a treasure of the heart, for a heart.

As for the rain, ours has calmed down a bit. We're expecting more in the next few days, but the storms that accompany it are sometimes frightening, especially for the critters.

God bless.