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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Weather and Weeds ~ Random Tidbits

You are probably tired of hearing about it, but it continues to rain.  I woke up to the same wet ground again.  It has rained either during the day or night here, every single day.

It was dry most of yesterday, but too wet in the vegetable garden to even step into it.  

You can see in this photo, how tall the weeds are in the broccoli and cauliflower garden.   If the sun stays out today, I may be able to get into that garden late today yet.

Halfway through the day yesterday, I started on the front flower beds.   This is one corner I was looking at from the porch. 

This is what I was looking at afterwards.  This is just a snippet of the front porch flower bed.

(just one corner of the front porch flower bed)
Here is how far we got with mulch, before we ran out.  I guess we'll get more.  We have already filled the rose bed, the mailbox bed, and two other rose beds with mulch.  There seems to be a lack of color right now, but zinnias are very slow to grow with all this rain.  They were buried in weeds and wet ground.  Once the zinnias bloom, we'll have all sorts of color to beautify the gardens with.

The weather looked like this most of yesterday.  Today the sun is shining.  I have high hopes to get more work done in the vegetable garden.

If it rains again today (there is a 60% chance for thunderstorms at 11am....sigh), I always have deep cleaning chores indoors, handiwork, and a new Lucy Stone murder mystery book from the library.  And Hubby and I can always cut wood inside the barn too (maybe).  

It's just hard for me to shift gears so easily, and not worry about the garden.  I need to go read my morning devotion, relax a bit, pray a bit, and move out of my pity party.

The wild berries are ready for harvesting.  We had planned to pick today, but we are fighting the rain again.  It will be interesting if we get any wild black raspberry jam made this year too.

I just looked at the pollen count for today.  No wonder my eyes are beat red when I do get outside work accomplished.

 Today's reading is not a good report for someone like me.  

A heartrending update on Hubby's sister in the hospital.  She cannot swallow food. Not even pureed food.  They had to make the decision to have a feeding tube in place.  She's had two tubes down her throat, so we hope that over time (and healing) she'll be back to real food some day in the future.

Did you notice something today?  There is no "read more" to click on today.  

I better scoot out and pick snow peas quickly.  I hope your Sunday is peaceful, relaxing, productive, or whatever you want to accomplish (or not accomplish) today.



My Garden Diaries said...

I'm with you on all of the rain. I'm very concerned about the state of my veggies. Your flower garden looks beautiful friend. Sending prayers up for your sister in law. Wishing you good things today! Nicole xo

Carolyn said...

Our wild berries aren't quite ready yet, but with all the rain & weeds growing, I'm not sure I want to venture IN to the berry patches as I'll be covered heat to toe in chiggers!

Sending healing thoughts to you and your family.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Nicole, after last night's rain, my cauliflower that I weeded, turned brown at the bottom (sad face). But! I am praying for whatever bounty I do get.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Carolyn, my kids do not look forward to picking wild berries, ha ha!

RB said...

Our problem here is heat, hot oppressive high heat unusual for us in the month of June. We have gotten occasional spotty night storms, but not enough everywhere to count for much. So if you want to bottle up some of that rain and send us some, it'd be appreciated, you can keep the lightning and high winds though, oh and any hail - we don't want that either. LOL

Continuing in prayer for your SIL. It will take time. Have patience. Our prayers have placed her in God's hands, and His will will be done, I believe that.

God bless.


Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, it's not been up to the 90's here yet, but I have had to water the potted flowers two times a day during the last dry day we had. Humidity is bad. I wish I could load all my rain barrels and bring them to you.

Denton, Texas said...

Hi. We are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and have had some serious rain. We had enough standing water in our yard to grow tadpoles and now have a yard full of frogs. For the past 3-4 years we haven't seen any frogs at all and now they are everywhere. That is the good thing. The bad is that my tomatoes have drowned, zuke is drowned and I am hoping that my peach tree doesn't die. Peppers are ok but onions did not make it. Weeds everywhere. We had more rain yesterday. I am hoping that cucumbers will come through and that my serrano peppers will make it. Glad our lakes are full but my garden is not happy.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Denton, Texas, you sound like us. It rained the entire day yesterday, and I have a bad feeling of what the damage is. We've had way too much rain, and we too have tadpoles growing in standing water. The kids pointed it out the other day.