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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Monday, June 22, 2015

Monkeys in the Kitchen ~ Flip Flops In the Coop

The rain brought the wild black raspberries into harvest early this year, and it's hot, humid and miserable to pick them (as always). 

Our first day picking was done together.  Most of the time we spent slapping ourselves (thank goodness for chickweed salve), hollering out at the prickers and blowing bugs off us as we picked as fast as we could.  One time I heard "Awww, I dropped it!"

When we walked in the house, we looked like monkeys picking at each other, looking for ticks, and anything else we may have brought inside with us.

I call this jam "priceless" due to the amount of sweat, pricker stabbings, bug bites, and work it requires to pick the berries alone.  It will take another day or two of picking them, to get enough berries to make 4 wonderful half-pint jars.  

Oh, and about that herbal bug repellant I made?  It's not so handy for mosquitoes.  

Other than that, I seem to be the only one that rubbed against the wrong plant.  It's either poison oak or sumac.  I know it's now ivy.  However,  I found that applying organic apple cider vinegar on it  helps dry out the blisters and remove the poison. 

We had our first full dry day and night here.  Looks like another dry day today, so I plan to investigate the garden.  I hope to get those tall weeds tackled, so my vegetables can be unleashed and thrive.

I have discovered that wearing flip flops into the chicken coop to fetch eggs and fill the watering unit, is not such a good idea.  I was in a hurry to retire for the night, and I only use one pair for the barn (when thick tall muck boots are too hot).  
A bit of information - my 15 year-old painted my toe nails a week or so back.  Bright pink.

My toes were attacked by the hens (Hubby thought this was hilarious).  I think they thought it my toes were watermelon.

Well, the sun has been up for a while now.  I have girls I need to get out of bed early today.  I still need to finish weeding the flower beds and the herb garden.  So, if we can get into the vegetable garden, we'll be very tired tonight.


Mama Pea said...

Hooray, hooray, hooray for a respite from all your rain! Another downside to so much rain is that the biting insects seem to thrive in it . . . as you are well aware. We have predicted thunderstorms here today, but yesterday was gorgeous. Unfortunately, between one thing and another I didn't get to work in the garden at all. This morning the sky is overcast and heavy and hubby, coming in from morning chores, reports the bugs are bad. Hope this is the start of a dry week for you!

Sam I Am...... said...

Would it be easier to grow your own raspberries? LOL! You'd still have to pick them but no poison ivy. I planted red raspberries on my farm when I had it and we enjoyed them so much each year.
I'll have to remember about the cider because I have had several bouts with poison ivy since I've lived here.
I got out yesterday finally EARLY, before the 90's of the day and got some weeding, pruning and cleaning up done as it was our first day of no rain but it did rain later! LOL! It does make the weeds easier to pull though. Good luck!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, we are covered in bites. The bugs are definitely terrible. We have overcast today, but had a good morning in the garden (up to the wet areas yet). Cheers to a few dry days so we can clean up the rows and hopefully see some bounty.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Sam I am, we planted some last year, but they all died due to us not being here to keep them watered. I had some to replant this year, but...

Maybe we'll get them in next year. I need to remove weeds before we do find a good spot for them (again).

Kim said...

I use fabric softner sheets for the bug repelant. And i wear a pair of generic crocs for summer work. Funny on the watermelon toes!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Kim, maybe I should make my crocs my hot weather coop shoes. I do have a pair too, but use them to take clothes out to the line.