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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Grilled Peanut Butter Banana Sandwiches ~ Tidbits

I've grilled many types of sandwiches, but this was a new one for us.  Delicious too.

I sliced my bananas, and put peanut butter on both pieces of bread (shown before I added the top bread), and grilled it in real butter. 

That was my "something fun" for the day.  Youngest Daughter loved it. 

Speaking of Youngest, she is helping me bottle feed the boys, taking down my laundry and other jobs.  She detests gardening/weeding, so I'll take help where I can get it.

I finally got my sunflower seeds planted.  These are simply for the birds and for beauty.    I had to dodge the rain showers, but I got it done.

My eyes are seriously irritating me this past three or four days.  I've not had that issue with allergies for a while.  I'm using eye drops for allergies, but also using my lavender eye pack (cooled in the freezer).  Once the rain gave us a break around dinner time, I felt amazingly better.  The rain makes it worse for me.

Our strawberries are doing badly this year.  I just got an email from a farmstand that also had a bad harvest, so they are not doing "U pick" this year. 
The goats are putting up with me.  Thankfully, the girls will be back later today from their college orientation.  I found out (and this could change) that our oldest daughter is attending the same college with her sister, and majoring in aeronautics (the other sibling, zoology).

I'm not sure how Jesse will do when his master leaves this fall.  He has stuck to me like glue.  He follows me to every room I go to, and won't leave my sight.  Last night's storms put him into a panic, and we couldn't find his thunderjacket.  This morning he is sleeping soundly with all his feet up in the air, ha ha!

I took a small window of time to rejuvenate on the porch yesterday.  I spent most of it ripping out about ten rows of crochet work (hmpf, I think this recent project hates me).  Hopefully today's porch time will actually be relaxing.

If you are wondering, Hubby is still planning on putting in the root cellar.  So far, anyway.


Kim said...

We love grilled peanutbutter and banana sammies! Like eating dessert for lunch!

Lady Jane said...

Fried PB and B were Elvis Presleys favorite, I think I remember that right. Used to eat PB and B sandwiches as a kid but never fried. Glad you have some help today. My neighbor has goats. The baby is sooooooo cute.... Enjoy the rest of the day. LJ

Sam I Am...... said...

Oh, it's so nice to hear someone doing actual work! LOL! I love to see other blogs with their decorating and crafting but when do they ever cook or clean? Or mow or garden? Visiting you is like sitting on your porch with a good friend and it motivates me to get back up and going again. I'm cleaning and "exorcising" the middle bedroom today which was a "catchall" and just a pile of stuff everywhere. I've already made a big dent and pitched and recylced a bunch so I'm feeling good! I do handwork on my "breaks" too. Have a great day!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Kim, you are right, so good!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Lady Jane, selling the babies is more and more difficult, but they are so cute when they are first born. So full of energy!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Sam I Am, we do have many chores here. Today, it's weeding the rose bed, laundry, and more canning.

Mama Pea said...

Hmmm, I've heard of peanut butter and banana sandwiches before but never grilled. Doesn't appeal to me at all, I have to say, but I may be missing something fantastic. Maybe I will try it. My husband loves peanut butter, mayo and cheddar cheese sandwiches. I've never been tempted to take even a bite of one of those!

Isn't it strange how some years strawberries just don't do well? I feel sorry for the Pick Your Own strawberry places when that happens. That's a good part of their income down the drain. :o(

Great to hear you're still going ahead with the root cellar. I'm looking forward for lots of pictures start to finish!

EMMA said...

Think I just found my breakfast recipe.
We seem to be getting quite a few strawberries this year - makes a change. I still have to plant my sunflowers too - thanks for the reminder!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, my Mom eats peanut butter and bacon sandwiches, which I do not like.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Emma, we found a farmstand who had a good harvest of strawberries yesterday.

RB said...

Sounds like everyone's keeping on keeping on. Same here, although it's been hot as snot lately. Still, I'll try not to complain overly much because we did have a nice long Spring for a change here in South Central NC.
Have a great day.
God bless.