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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Garden Gratitude ~ Rainy Day Handiwork and Housework

Saturday's weather leveled all of my squash plants.  Over two dozen of them.  

 Sunday, my muck boots sank 3 inches the first step into the garden.  I still picked peas, but left the garden after that.  In the evening, Oldest Daughter stopped in so Hubby could look at her car.  She joined our front porch cookout and we had a nice visit.  She left with a dozen farm fresh eggs and a quart jar of goat's milk.

Monday, I found the squash plants had straightened back up, but found one full row of broccoli leaning.  Many of the squash plants are yellowing and browning - too much rain. 

Today?  Foggy, and rain later.  It's pretty bad when the front page of your newspaper reads, "Rain Rain Go Away."

I am thankful for the broccoli I cut Monday morning before the rain arrived again. The family voted for broccoli salad made with homemade "marzetti" dressing.

I am also thankful for a few small squash, more peas, and some hot peppers.   i hope we will find some good Farmer's Markets (organic is difficult to find around here), so I can stock up one way or another this year.

With rain in the forecast for all of the holiday weekend, I opted for a trip to the craft store.  This was a long drive for DMC floss, but a much needed outing for Hubby and I.  Our stress levels (and blood pressure) needed lowered.

I'm also digging through drawers and purging more items to the thrift store.  I'm surprised to find things I haven't used in years, still in my kitchen drawers.   

Rainy days are good for baking bread too.  Of course, having rotten bananas on hand is a bonus.  Instead of adding walnuts to our banana bread, I added 1/4 cup of mini-chocolate chips.  They devoured it of course, and asked me "why only one loaf?"  Ha ha ha! 

These days are good for reading through cookbooks and planning the menu.  This grill book is for fish recipes, and as you can see, I hope to try many of them this summer.

I'm up very early to tackle an area I am not looking forward too - my computer/bill paying station.  It's grown into several piles, that I let go during planting season.  I'm off to brew some coffee, have my few minutes of morning porch talk with God, and get some "order" going here.


Kim said...

We are having the water worries in our garden too. But I try to remember that God does not make mistakes and he surely has a plan. I personally am cleaning through a lot of areas I would not have gotten time for if the rains were not keeping me out of the gardens. And I also have 2 shows in the fall and this is giving me much needed time to produce for them. I am taking a new approach this year so I need to work hard on them.

So glad you got time with dd and hope the car is okay.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Kim, I just checked my garden. It rained again today, and I not going to get much this year. Like you, I am taking care of indoor stuff I would never have gotten to get done. I hope your shows do great this year.

EMMA said...

Hope the rain lets up soon. Scorching here - way to hot to work in the garden!
Banana bread looks delicous!!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Emma, the bread was delicious.