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Thursday, April 16, 2015


My oldest brother and his wife gifted me with this box of books.  Every night
I try to flip through them.  One will help us with pruning our fruit trees, and treating them for any bugs they may get.  There are a few canning books, with some recipes I would like to try too.

Mom gifted me with a bag of these - lint filled toilet paper rolls for campfire starters.  Not many would get too excited over this, but we don't use the dryer much, so I don't get the lint needed to make these.  These are great for campfires.  I think we are very ready for a good camping season this year.

I'm also thankful for a good full day outdoors.  Hubby has the sniffles, so he opted to ride the mower around and get that first mowing done this spring.  I don't remember having to mow so early in the season, but he did.  While he did that, I went around and picked up sticks and branches.  My back was a bit sore with all that bending over.  

They warned us that allergy season is at it's worst right now, so I used my herbal mix.  About bed time, I could feel my left eye burning, and sure enough it was all red.  I am thankful for having my herbal remedy on hand.  

I also took down the snow fence, and tucked that away until this fall.  Hubby, although feeling poorly, is geared up to help me with the outdoor jobs this year.   It's good for our health to stay active, especially when we skip a day at the gym.

My rhubarb actually looks pretty good this year.  I have to fence off that bed, so the chickens can't get in it.  I do need to weed around the garlic.  Last year I planted them directly in the garden (100 of them), and every one but two came up this spring.  They may even pop up after this next rain.

Last night, I used my last frozen "can" of homemade mushroom soup.  We had scalloped potatoes and ham.  Next trip to the store, I need supplies to re-stock our soups.

We still have these homemade rag rollers tucked away in a bag.

We have not used them since 2011.  Youngest asked me to roll up her hair, so she'd have more time in the morning, getting ready for school.  These were made from old flannel pajamas.  They are more comfortable to wear overnight, and they do work.

She's our hair stylist in training, and although my hair is shorter, she was already trying out a new "do" on me last night.

With rain in the forecast today, and then again from Sunday-Tuesday, I'll be tackling indoor tasks.  First it's emails and phone calls.  I need to let Son know that a box is coming his way (full of birthday cookies, enough to share and celebrate). Tomorrow looks like it will be a gorgeous day. 


Mama Pea said...

What a nice box of books . . . especially appropriate this time of year are the gardening books! None of us gardeners could resist a look-see through those!

I've never understood how "rag rollers" work. Someday I'll have to research that!

Rain in our forecast about the same as yours. But also "wintry mix" possible for us. Ugh.

Lilac Cottage Homestead said...

Oh, what a blessing!! They are very kind, and I think that they must know you pretty well!! May God bless the rest of your day!!


Candy C. said...

It is nice to get outside this time of year but I hear ya' on the allergy problems. We are having a bad allergy season here too. Congrats on the garlic!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, I hope you soon get a relief from that snow. For the rag rollers, I take a section of hair, place the fabric under it about 2 inches from then end, and roll up, rolling over the end of the hair. I tie them once. They do tend to turn out to be crazy curls.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thank you Kelly

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Candy, the rain makes my allergies worse too. Ugh.

Mary said...

What a great selection of books! My eldest is suffering from her allergies this month, I'm lucky in that my only seasonal allergy is autumnal, ragweed. Rag curlers, that takes me back. In high school I suffered with first those awful hard plastic curlers with pins, and then the pink foam and plastic ones which were awful to sleep in. A friend's grandmother was telling us about rag curlers and so I thought I'd give it a try and just loved them... my straight as straw hair held the curl longer too

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

we have had rain today... and one other day this week... I believe Tues. A very wet spring so far!
I have the Complete Guide to Gardening... bhg, I believe. It's in tatters. Great resource!
Cute rag curls!
hope y'all get well and stay well!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mary, those rag rollers do hold the curl longer too.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Patricia, Hubby is still under the weather, but the rest of us are feeling pretty good, Thanks.

mommar6 said...

I remember rag curls. I must try them on my daughter soon.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mommar6, they are really fun to make and use.

RB said...

That's a great idea for a fire starter. Other than dryer lint which is great, what else could be used to stuff in the toilet paper rolls? Swept up hair? Maybe dried fall leaves? How about used dryer sheets? Unmatched socks? Old clean rags?
Just thinking...
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, dried leaves would work very well. Great ideas.