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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Goat ~ Hubby Funny

No one claimed the Nigerian buck. He does have some handsome colors.

He was to small to jump a fence, and too little to tie-out.  He was most likely in a fenced area.  He was not starving to death, so he didn't travel far by foot.  His hooves have been taken care of.  He was in good shape too.

Poor guy was so confused at why and where he was too.

If he is the first case of a goat dumping here, it's someone smart enough to take him off craigslist before doing it. This goat is small enough to put in the back of a covered truck, or jeep too.  The night this goat showed up, there were full size trucks and other vehicles driving through the woods/river at dusk.  And some directly behind our property. 

Considering all these facts, It was not worth my time to put up flyers, so we found him a new home yesterday.  And it's a good thing we penned him and did not tie him out.  When Hubby delivered him, they tried a collar and tie-out.  The goat literally went bananas.  They put him in a pen, and he was calm and fine.

When our 18 year-old got home from school, she said, "Oh, the goat's already gone?" in her sad, whining voice.  I guess one of my other daughter's had named him "Benny" too.

Even Mom said he was cute.  Hubby said we should have driven him to town and staked him in Mom's back yard, ha ha.  Good thing we didn't.  

The funny?

Well, Hubby came home, ate dinner, put my chickens away, came inside and rested a while.  Later he drove to the grocery store with our 15 year-old.  While he was walking up and down the aisles, our daughter said, "Dad!  You smell like goat!"  

He laughed and pulled an egg out of his pocket and said, "And I have a chicken egg in my pocket!"

He had put that egg in his pocket while putting the chickens in for the night, and had taken off his jacket, then put it back on and went to town with it.  He had forgotten to take the egg out, and it made it home without harm, ha ha!   Now I have had my "egg in my pocket" moments, but I've never taken one to the store with me, ha ha!  Hilarious.

I guess I'll be washing a coat today.


Laurie said...

Too funny! Good think it didn't break.

Kristina said...

Laurie, thanks for stopping in. I thought I was the only one with an egg in my pocket, ha ha!

Mama Pea said...

I wonder if you'll ever find out the story of the goat? Probably not. If someone did "dump" him, I hope karma comes back to bite them in the butt. Dumping animals (of any kind) is so cruel and shameful. I hope "Benny" has a good home from now on.

I well remember the aroma of a buck goat. We were walking around a deserted cabin once that had a sheet of plywood nailed up over a front window. The unmistakeable odor of buck goat was so strong every time we passed that area of the cabin that I had no doubt the wood had once been used as part of a buck goat fence/shed!

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, in our state, abandoning animals is punishable by law too. I am pretty sure he'll like his new home. That goat smell is definitely non-forgettable. That cabin story is funny!

Sandra said...

Glad you found him a home :) they are smelly creatures!!

EMMA said...

Glad he found a new home, he is very hansome.
My f.i.l has all maner of 'edible' things stashed in his pockets, he was just recently in hospital and while he was there my m.i.l took the opportunity of cleaning his work gear - I won't go into detail of what she found in his pockets. Needless to say she now thinks he has some kind of phobia about starving and so that's why he stashes so much grubb!!

Kristina said...

Sandra, he did smell, but not nearly as bad as our own buck.

Kristina said...

Emma, that's a funny story.

RB said...

Glad the goat was found a home. Hope it's a good one where he'll be safe and happy.
Use to provide daycare for some students at the NC Vet School. When they came to pick up their children, it was easy to tell if they'd been working with goats that day. Whew!!!
Long ago, sister called and said she needed two eggs for something she was making. I was heading over there anyway, so I stuck an egg in my coat pockets on each side, drove over there, and as I got out of the car with the eggs safe and sound, I bumped the right pocket on the steering wheel and it broke.
What a mess!!!
And she only got one egg.
God bless.

Kristina said...

RB, my son put eggs in his pockets when he was out walking the dogs, and checked the coop. Walking 3 dogs at the time caused eggs to crush. I had to wash his coat, ha ha!

RB said...

Then you know about having to turn the pockets inside out and pick all the shells shards out with your fingers before even washing it. Yuck.
God bless.

Kristina said...

RB, Son removed all the shells. I think he felt bad for breaking them.