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Sunday, April 19, 2015

On the Fly ~ Playing Hookie

The weather was absolutely heavenly on Friday.  Too bad for me I had to spend most of the mid-morning getting my teeth beautified.  Sadly, I had to sit in the chair for almost 40 minutes, after the cleaning, to see the dentist.  After they adjusted the bite on two crowns from last year, and a free oral cancer screening, they finally released me.  I had high plans for a day of outdoor work, but that flew by quickly.

By the way, I kept getting told how great I brush my teeth.  At one point the hygienist asked if I could come in and show folks how to brush.  I give the credit to herbal teas, which help keep the mouth, and gums healthy (teas that have natural anti-bacterial properties, like thyme tea).

As soon as I arrived home, I had goats to tend, then dogs and then laundry.  Hubby finished the mowing (parts that our buck does not chew down).

Hubby and I took the day's work on the fly.  We did whatever we came across, and then threw up our hands and hooked up the camper.  


Why not?

You can't get a weekend do-over, and most big jobs have to wait.  I admit, I had to look at Hubby with raised eye brows.  I wasn't sure if he was joking.  

We didn't know if we'd get the chance any other time this spring, so I said "okay, let's go."  So...we played hookie from our workload.

The weather was just perfect all weekend - warm days and chilly nights.  We thought we'd almost have the campground to ourselves, but it was fairly busy with like-minded folks. Camping prices are very low until about May 14th.

We took some goodies from home.

 Hot brewed coffee every morning.

 Warm campfires.

Beautiful nature.

Reading at the Lake dock.  Next time, we'll have our new fishing licenses.

 Naughty melted mallows and warm milk chocolate on a crunchy honey cracker.  That was my pre-breakfast (ha ha!)

 Relaxation at the campground.

 I love this little light.  It's solar powered, and has a strong clip to hang.  It gives off a pretty blue glow at night.  It lasts all night long, so it makes a nice non-electric nightlight in the camper.
Although with kids (of two kinds) and responsibilities, it was a nice marriage retreat weekend for us.  The rain has already arrived, and so has colder air.  We'll be burning wood again these next coming days, to stay warm at night.

I hope your weekend was relaxing and/or prosperous.


Mama Pea said...

How absolutely wonderful that the two of you took off for a little weekend getaway! Sitting on the dock by the water looks and sounds so wonderful. We had a nice, productive, good-feeling weekend at home. Good food, good company (me and my guy) and a smidge of sore muscles from our first full day in the garden!

Liz said...

So happy that you and the hubby got a little camper time! The weekend was beautiful glad you got to be outside enjoying it!

Carolyn said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. It's nice to be able to get away, even if it's "just" camping :)

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, sitting by the water was so peaceful. One man was fishing, and no one else was there.

Kristina said...

Liz, we timed to perfectly, even though it was spontaneous.

Kristina said...

Carolyn, I'm glad we went, because after this rain stops, it's back to the garden.

Susan said...

I think that's the only way to do it - just hitch up and go! What a delightful weekend and how nice the two of you get some quality time together.

Candy C. said...

Good for you guys for taking some time for yourselves! Looks like a lovely campground. :)

Kristina said...

Susan, I was pretty shocked he said "let's go."

Kristina said...

Candy, we did have a nice time. It's not your high-end campground, but full of trails to hike, and several places to fish.

RB said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. We spent ours carrying indoor plants back outdoors again where most of ours spend the summers strewn around the garden. It rained all day the next day, so that gave them all plenty of drenching to settle in nicely.
Then I got all my birdhouses back outside again. Most are resin which weathers well, but some are ceramic which won't hold up in snow and ice, so those come indoors when the first frost is predicted.
Last year, we had problems with wasps and bees building nests in the birdhouses. I took care of that by getting inexpensive pet flea collars which I got into about 2" pieces and tucked one in each birdhouse. Worked great! No more wasps in 'em. So glad I thought of it.
Course it keeps the birds out too, but they don't use the decorative resin or ceramic ones anyway, just the wooden ones if they can get them before a spider does.
One funny thing did happen this weekend. The farmer behind us spread manure on his field. We rushed around closing windows, cause whew!!! Well, anyway, that night it was cool, so not thinking, I opened my bedroom window and went to make dinner. When I went to go to bed last night, it smelled like someone had cooked cabbage in there, and I was puzzled cause I hadn't made cabbage for anything in weeks. This morning I recognized what the scent was - fresh country air, not!!!
I guess it'll wear off in a day or two. LOL
God bless.

Kristina said...

RB, that is a great idea for the resin birdhouses. I have two that are campers, that birds don't use. I do have wooden ones they use too. That's a funny story you shared.

RB said...

One of my resin birdhouses is an old VW RV, two are like camper trailers and one is like an Airstream (silver hot dog). I have them arranged on the ground in the pine straw like a trailer park. LOL
God bless.

Kristina said...

RB, that bird house trailer park sounds like fun!

RB said...

Well, I have little fairy villages strewn throughout the garden in little bunches.
One day I saw a camper and thought, "Every town has a trailer park." So now my garden fairy towns do too. LOL
God bless.