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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Still sick, but plowing through....

Hubby bought this new sign for me.  It's totally me.  It's totally him too.  To start my day requires a heavy dose of organic coffee.  

The ironic part, is that we ran out of coffee yesterday.  The last thing I wanted to do was run out to the store.  I truly missed Hubby's help yesterday.

I managed to put the last jar of home canned potatoes, and the last freezer container of onion soup, into the crock-pot for a chowder dinner.  I had just enough carrots to add, and even a bag of frozen corn from last summer.   We still have more dehydrated potatoes in storage (thankfully).  The potatoes, either way we put the up, came in handy

I re-lathered with homemade vapor-rub, and sucked down more elixir.  The air outside was chilly (and foggy), but not bad. Just not nice enough for a sick person to enjoy it. Besides, the front porch was too wet.  Spring rains blow right up under the roof, and soak everything.  Thankfully, we don't have all the furniture out yet.

I heated up some organic tomato soup, and grilled a half of a sandwich.  I wanted a soothing lunch, but wasn't that hungry.

While I finally had time to sit without interruption, I rested and then crocheted.  

(It is a light green, but the stormy weather made the photo appear teal.)

Now, about that crocheting.  I crocheted Youngest Daughter a washcloth for herself.  It seems that one (or more of the girls) are not getting their washcloths to the hamper so they can be washed, and we run out of clean ones often.  She asked me to crochet her one in her favorite color, so she could keep track of it, and wash it herself.  I did.  I may embroider her name in a towel too.  It makes sense.  They all do their own laundry now.

Early in the morning, we had more storms.  Our power went out as well.  We are to get more rain at noon today and more storms with high winds.   It gives me more reason to focus on getting better and less physical work.  A few hot baths with essential oils, and some hot teas are in order.  Maybe a steam inhalation too. 


Susan said...

Having a head cold is just miserable. But no coffee???? Heavens! I hope you can get some relief soon, as I know you have an awful lot on your plate. I love the picture of your barn in the fog. BTW, do you always peel your potatoes before canning? Can you can with peels on, or does that cause them to be bitter?

My Garden Diaries said...

I hope you feel better friend...we have that floating around our house too. You cupboard with all those yummies looks so awesome! And I just have to say I think you should blow that barn photo up and frame it! It is beyond beautiful!! Here is to a warmer and healthier weekend! Nicole xo

Mama Pea said...

Is your "sickiness" a cold or the flu? Or complications from your allergies?

And isn't it so darn hard to make decent meals for the family when you're feeling crummy and not hungry?

We're having a wintry mix (ish) here today. Feels awfully bone- chilling cold out there and the grayness does nothing for the already blah landscape.

Feel better soon!

Unknown said...

I followed a pal's advice- 1 tbl. sweet almond oil (a "carrier oil") and 8 drops tea tree oil. Slather on clean pads of the feet, including between the toes. Do as needed- I did 4xs a day. Got rid of my cold fast!!! Slept well, worked better than anything I've ever tried...

Carolyn said...

Hope you're feeling better. Being under the weather is so very draining so hope the temps warm up so you can enjoy that porch!

Kristina said...

Susan, This past year was the first year in pressure canning potatoes. The instructions say to peel them. I'm not certain if can keep the peels when canning.

Kristina said...

Nicole, thanks. I'll have to save that photo after all the nice compliments too.

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, I have been feeling that it's my allergies, and today I am pretty certain.

Kristina said...

Nancy po, thanks. I mixed this up and put it on my 15 year-old's feet.

Kristina said...

Thanks Carolyn, I think Saturday the weather will be much nicer.

RB said...

Sending prayers for everyone to feel better and for the storms to pass without causing any of us or our loved ones harm.
God bless.

Sam I Am...... said...

Trust me...I'd be sick too without my coffee! LOL!