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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Windy Weather and other Tidbits

I managed to get all the dirty laundry on the line, however, I did have to chase a few pieces that flew off in the high winds.  Life would be boring if I did not attempt such tasks.

The cupboard piece (for the trash can door) is finally painted, but we need to buy hinges yet.

Hubby is onto the next item(s) on his list now.  He's been difficult to motivate these last few days. I think he's hankering another weekend of playing hookie (ha ha!).  A good work day outdoors should rectify that problem.  

Although it's a bit wet out, we've started cleaning up the garden.  I trimmed the grass around all of the fruit trees and elderberry trees.  They are all looking great.

I have seen at least five red lady bugs this spring.  I believe that is a record here. 

(only one corner of it)

I attempted to weed the herb garden, but to no avail, it's too wet.  I've also forgotten how big my gardens are.  I put the garden tools away, and headed out to split and stack wood.  We got a good start on next winter's wood, and we have plenty to cut and split this year.  I'm not sure I can motivate Hubby to go to town for a new chainsaw blade today.  I really want to get crackin' on those huge pieces, still eye-sores in the yard.  I know we'll be sleeping good every night.

This is the first tulip to start blooming at the homestead.  I see a few did not come up.  Most likely moles are the culprit.  I will plant more this fall, but will need to plant them with daffodils and/hyacinths to keep the moles away.  I'll keep pouring on the old coffee and coffee grounds too.  The acid in the dirt helps deter them too.  I'll have to remember to walk the dogs where ever I see tunnels too (so they can pee on them).

The cooler weather requires longer drying times for my laundry, so it's getting taken down right at dinner time.  It was nice to see my 15 year-old help Hubby prepare vegetables for dinner.  They however, forgot to prepare the rice, ha ha!  We had to wait a bit longer to eat.


Susan said...

There's nothing like a stiff breeze to make your laundry day go quickly - but keeping things like sheets on the line (never mind trying to pin them on!) can be challenging! I think the smell of fresh dried laundry is my favorite smell of all - besides anything lemon...

Kristina said...

Susan, you should have seen me trying to get those sheets on the line, ha ha! What a hoot! They do smell awesome too.

Mama Pea said...

Oh, your grass looks so GREEN! No hanging out laundry here. Snow all day yesterday (didn't stick as the temp was in the mid-30s) and snow overnight which did make everything white. Warm up coming Friday (I hope!) and then nicer weather next week.

We haven't worked on our wood pile in the back yet this spring . . . but have gotten lots of other things done, so I guess that's okay.

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, we've mowed once, and may have to again very soon. This rain is crazy this Spring. That weather you have, sounds crazy too.

Candy C. said...

It certainly is a challenge hanging laundry when the wind is blowing, especially sheets! That's funny about them forgetting the rice...not that I've ever done that... ;)

Kristina said...

Candy, we were pretty hungry, waiting on the rice to finish, ha ha! I didn't complain, because I rarely get help cooking meals.

RB said...

We've been cleaning the winter out of our yard and gardens this past week too, and getting the house plants that winter in the house spread outside under the trees. It was interesting to see the geraniums we planted about 4 years ago didn't come up this year. We also lost the hollyhocks and the gerbera daisies that we had for years too. Wonder why they died since they were all long-established plants. Have to get more, at least of the gerberas cause they filled three vacant spots among the bushes with spots of bright color that are now big vacant spots again. Have seeds for the hollyhocks. The mums, well...we'll have to wait on those cause I like to get them reduced in fall, plant them in fall and enjoy them the next year.

Our property is on the highest part of Harnett County in the NC sandhills before the land rolls off down toward the ocean a hundred miles away. It's almost always breezy/windy here for which we are thankful because we both have asthma, and that breeze helps us breathe.

God bless.


Kristina said...

RB, your flowers sound beautiful. I think my redbud tree died over winter, so we'll have to re-plant that one for sure.