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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rainy, Cold Day Advantage ~ Goat on the Loose

One rainy day, two rainy days, three rainy days, done!  The seat cushions are all done. For one table anyway.  A few need the ties attached, but we can now enjoy them.

I've also been retouching the paint on my kitchen cupboards.  They are getting a good cleaning, and guess what else?  
Made ya' look, didn't I?

After seven years, I am finally putting hardware on them.  The upper cabinets are almost done.  I have two upper cabinets left to do.

There is a little snag in my progress however, so this is on hold now.  I'm kind of bummed, because it's the perfect time to do it (before I get super busy).  


Last night just after dark, we got a knock on the door.  I saw Hubby run past the barn to look at our Buck.  He ran back and then inside.  He took the girls and drove down the road, where supposedly our buck was half way to the next town.

First of all, we all found this very odd, because our buck never leaves the property when he does break a tie-out.  He goes to our door.  Literally.  If he's not in one of the other barns, he knows what door we go out.  Strange, but true. 

I however, stayed, and went out to see how he got loose.  I rounded the barn, and there was Orion.  Tied up and where he should be.  

I was standing in the driveway, in my jammies, when Hubby returned. 

The first thing out of my mouth was, "where in the world did he come from?"

In the truck bed, was a Nigerian buck.  And he has large horns.  Not ours, and not one we have ever seen around here.  Very odd.  Could this be the first case of a goat drop off?  The goat is in good health, and well cared for, but no collar, or indication he was on a tie out.  If he was in a barn, he could have gotten out, but again, we've not seen anyone near us raising goats.  

The girls are already posting it up on facebook, to look for the owner.  In the mean time, we may have to call the Humane Society to find a temporary home for him.  We can't keep him here.  He's in a stall in the big barn (the barn that is getting torn down soon).  He may have torn up the barn last night too, as we have not yet checked on him this morning.  Besides, just having him here, is spooking the dogs badly.  They know something is here that should not be.


Mama Pea said...

Now there's a goat story for you! Sure hope he can be returned to his proper home and people . . . but, gosh! Would someone actually drop a buck goat off on a country road the way they do cats and dogs??? Let us know how it all turns out.

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, it's definitely strange. I'll be sure to update on the goat. Hopefully it has an owner looking for it. Maybe he's much smaller than our buck, so I can't imagine him jumping a fence either.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

So... the knock at the door was to inform you that 'your' goat was out.
...and no one thought to check your goat!
I find that part hilarious. Because--well, we're the same way! he-he-he
Hope he finds his home or at least a new one-- check the telephone poles, maybe there is a MISSING GOAT sign with a phone number ...kidding again.
(whoops no pun intended)

I'm going now. (hangs her head ...sheepishly) I just need to stop.

I like your cushions?! {smile}

EMMA said...

How odd! shame you can't keep him but I guess who ever dropped him nr your place knew you'd do your best to find him a good home.

Lady Jane said...

We have found dog, a cat, even a cockatoo owner, but never a goat, lol...

Kristina said...

Patricia, Hubby did go and look, but never looked inside his shed, ha ha!

Kristina said...

Emma, so far today, no one is missing him. He's probably worth some money too. Shame they just dumped him.

Kristina said...

Lady Jane, we still have not found anyone who is even missing a goat. It was either dumped on purpose by someone who knows we have goats, or he got out of a trailer maybe traveling? We are 99% certain he's not from around here, hence him being dumped. Goats are not cheap, so maybe they couldn't get him sold and wanted to get rid of him. Not sure.

Sandra said...

Now that is strange, wonder where he came from. Love the cushions, so pretty :)

Kristina said...

Sandra, considering no one here raises these goats, nor goat at all (for at least six miles), we have our suspicions.

RB said...

I came home from a graduation party with a crested duckling once, and many dogs and cats on other occasions, but never a goat, ever. LOL

Goats are regular Houdinis at escaping pens, tie downs, barns and such. A neighbor once bought two cute little pygmy goats for his preteen daughter, and I swear, we spent time nearly every day rounding them up and getting them back in their pens until he finally got tired of it and got rid of them.

I hope the previous owner comes for the goat. Seems a good healthy buck would be valuable and wouldn't be something someone would want to lose.

God bless.


Kristina said...

RB, I've always joked that folks could "dump" a milk cow, ha ha!