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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tea Infusion Update

It's been over eight weeks now, since I have been drinking the "high calcium" tea mixture.   First, let me begin by telling you all why I tried the tea.
Physician suggestions for me where taking calcium with magnesium and/or biotin.  For over two years, they made zero difference with my nails.  I've struggled with brittle, splitting, slow-growing, nails my entire life.  With my nails being brittle, I too could have a bone issue later in my life, so I was trying this out for me and for Mom.

Almost every one of my fingernails are split at the white part.  A calcium situation inherited possibly?

Hence the tea, and what was I to lose by trying?  I did research the two herbs in this tea, and made sure it was healthy, non-toxic etc.  

Just remember I have a disclaimer on my blog.  I'm not a doctor, just sharing my experience with this.  Also, some herbs cannot be taken with certain prescriptions, so always ask your doctor and inquire.

The tea is made with (organic) 1/2 cup of nettle and 1/4 cup of oatstraw, topped with boiling water into a quart jar.  I let this sit anywhere from 8 to 12 hours, then strained it.  I had one cup (one quart lasts about 3 days of tea, using about 1 glass/cup as a serving).  I enjoyed it cold.  It is said you can have it either way (hot or cold).   I've read that some teas can be infused for 12 hours (or overnight), but I find that after 8 hours, this tea becomes too bitter.

The results at eight weeks?  My nails are worse than before.  I'm guessing because the entire nail has not had time to grow completely out yet.  In fact, they are worse than before - weak, brittle, peeling more, etc.  However, they are growing.  So, I'm still going to continue until I see how my nails grow, and if they will eventually change.  So far, research shows that our nails grow 1/10th of an inch a month.  I may not have any more results to share until six months into trying this tea infusion.   Maybe July?

I am finding many sources of information on oatstraw on the internet, and very little in actual books, so I was skeptical.  I ordered all the "tea infusion" books I could, but the library was very limited on this topic

After reading about the fingernail health, I was even more interested when I found several sources stating that oatstraw is "anti-osteoporosis."  One source (again online) stated that a doctor claimed it to "heal broken bones."  I found this interesting as well, but skeptical, because I could not find written sources at our library.  I did find many other books through the bookstores, but I can't afford to buy them all, so those will have to wait.  

Oh, and I found out there are many more benefits from both of the nettle and oatstraw.  I have been drinking nettle tea for a year or so, for allergy relief, but learned much more about it now that I took the time to read up on it.  One source stated it is good for "arthritis, and sciatica" (both that I struggle with, and so does Mom).  There were many other benefits, so I highly suggest you get the books and read up on every herb you want to try, before you try it.  

I'll be doing more research on other tea infusions (for health), so stay tuned.

This herbal stuff is frustrating to say the least.  I get contradicting information.  One source suggested I infuse the two together as I did.  Another suggested to infuse them separately and drink one tea one day, and the other the next.  I just have to keep researching it.   Maybe infuse the nettle, drink it until it's gone, then infuse a quart of oatstraw?  I wonder if I'd get more nutrition from the infusion that way?  Until my six months have been reached, I'll keep infusing it together.

If you are looking for good herbal tea recipes, you might want to sign up to follow Mountain Rose Herb's blog. They post a "Sunday Steep" recipe, along with other recipes and suggestions.


Mama Pea said...

Hmmm, interesting post, but frustrating at the same time, huh? As you say, it takes so long to see any results but I admire your patience and willingness to try all the herbal remedies that you do. I KNOW some of them work and are reliable . . . but like so much, it's just no quick fix!

Unknown said...

One thing too might be- what kind of magnesium do you use? I switched from the cheap stuff to magnesium citrate. Absorbs better and less tummy problems. I use 1000 mg a day at night before bed. REALLY helps with arthritis and my bone density is excellent. Also- have you tied using gelatin as a drink? Some people swear by it. Getting plenty of protein?

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, I figure it can't do anything but good, so I'm going to keep drinking it. Hopefully I'll see some good changes.

Kristina said...

Nancy po, I will have to check the brand of magnesium I take. Thanks for the tip. I've not tried drinking gelatin, but I think my Mom tried it years back.

Unknown said...

It's not really a brand but the type of magnesium...

Mary said...

Are you getting enough vitamin D, C, E and minerals that you need to help your body absorb calcium?

longtime wife said...

I am a hair stylist, hair and nails are both fed by protein. If you are not getting enough protein it will show. Also thyroid problems.

Kristina said...

Thanks Nancy po, I will look for it next trip to town.

Kristina said...

Mary, I take D3 all winter and get a good amount of sunshine all summer too. I would think with eating fruits and veggies I'd be getting all three of those vitamins, but I could be low too. Thanks.

Kristina said...

longtime wife, thank you for reminding me of protein. A few others mentioned that too. We typically have a good amount. I may keep a journal of what I eat, to monitor it. Thanks.

Linda said...

I have never heard of that (infusion tea). I also agree with one of your commenters-it being protein/thyroid. I don't have brittle nails, but I do have thinning hair, which is contributed to having anemia (and the fact I had had cancer)--I have to take a B12 shot and supplement. ANYWAYS--interesting idea about the infusion tea. Blessings

Sam I Am...... said...

That's odd as I actually have osteoporosis (so they told me years ago) but my nails are strong and never split but I don't ever use nail polish either nor do I grow them long...not sure if that has anything to do with it. They grow fast and I clip them weekly as for me and all the stuff I do outside etc; they're just germ collectors. My Mother was a surgical nurse and that's how I was raised...keep them short and clean. I think the nails in the ads are gorgeous but I just don't have the time or the money to spend on them. Good luck! I do take vitamin D3 supplement in a gummy! LOL! All my vitamins are gummies it!

RB said...

My nails have been like that all my life, regardless of what I do.
But if anyone finds a good tea for a dry hacky cough (keeping in mind I'm diabetic and can't do sugar or honey), I'd sure appreciate it.

God bless.


Kristina said...

RB, I wonder if thyme tea would help your cough.