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Friday, April 3, 2015

Crocheted Placemats and Chair Cushions ~ Vultures and Tidbits

I think these placemats will look nice when I finish them all.  It will work until I have a day to antique shop for some long tablecloths (in spring colors).  I made them as large as our largest dinner plates.  The width is good, but I could crochet less rows and still make them fit nicely.

Here is a picture with the chair cushion too, so you can see the color combination.  The lighting was bad yesterday.   I wanted it to to look nice, but not all blue edging.  I am making flower coasters to go with the round seat cushions,and everything goes together.  What do you think?  Should the placemat edge be blue? 

The more I looked at it throughout the day, I wonder if the blue would be better.  Or a combination of some green and some blue edging?

The stitch I used for the placemat is the stitch I found online for a dishcloth, but just larger.  I took the contrasting color, and used single crochet for the edge.  

Here are more photos after I finally turned on a light:

I'm not sure if I shared the coaster pattern or not.  I'll be honest, I'm not sure I know where I got it, but will post it soon.

Here's a bit more information on the the chair cushions.  They were made in rounds of double crochet, increasing and changing colors as I wanted.  I started with twelve in the center.  I purchased (discounted) bar stool foam cushions, that are two inches thick.  I think mine are 13 inches wide.  When I got to the edge of the cushion, I started to do single crochet, in the back loops only, until I got to the bottom of the edge, then started to decrease, again with single crochet to tighten it for the cover.  

The backside is also single crochet.  This stretches out after making them, so I made my stitches tight.

I'm not sure how the ties will hold up with the kids still living here (rough and tough as they are), but we'll find out soon enough.

Yesterday morning, while sipping hot coffee, posting here, and laughing at Jasper playing with a toy mouse, Jesse started barking.

Remember that dead raccoon from 100-some days ago?  Well, I guess vultures like their food really old, because the city folks drove by and scooped the raccoon over the side fo the road and there was a plethora of vultures fighting over it.

I counted seven, but more were flying in.  Jasper jumped into the window and enjoyed his view, while Jesse (aka bird dog), barked and barked.  He hates anything that is large and flies overhead.

My goal today, is to find time to delve back into my Hemingway book.  I should have finished it by now.    It's been hard to find slowdown time to enjoy it.  Not to mention I have several crochet projects going on at the same time.

Yesterday's storms caused so much moisture that the painting of the porch chairs will have to wait for another day.  That's okay too.  I do see some outdoor Christmas lights that need to come down.  Maybe I can get the girls to help with that.

The younger two still think they need an Easter basket.  Why?  I'm not sure.  Maybe they enjoy all that bad-for-you candy?  Hubby came home with a bagful, just to make them feel like kids again.   

So, they are painting old strawberry baskets, and filling one to ship to Son, and I guess I'll have to find a bigger box over the weekend.  His birthday is approaching, so I'm baking him one of his favorite cookies, and adding those to the box.  He has the nickname "Cookie Monster" here.  Any time we'd bake cookies, he'd be walking in and out of the kitchen snatching them off the cooling racks, ha ha!

This is the first year I have not planned an Easter dinner.  I may be too late in locating a good ham too.  I guess we'll see what happens.  This weekend will be taken in strides, with one bit at a time I guess.  The house is a mess, as kids have backed up the dirty dishes again.  The excuse this time?  Our 18-year old had a test in her advanced calculus, and had to study.  However, today they do not have school, so guess what they are doing?  Dishes.

We've had a few guests stop in to see the cutie patootie kids.  They ooh and ahh over them, and then leave happy and smiling.  I guess kids (baby goats) could be good therapy for some folks.


Mama Pea said...

I like the place mats with just the green edging . . . but there would be nothing wrong with adding another border of blue if you decide that would look better.

We have a nearly 44 year old who still looks forward to her Easter Basket. But she also prepares one for me and hubby, too, so I guess it's a nice tradition to continue.

My Garden Diaries said...

Loving the placemats in cushions! They are absolutely brilliant!! Wishing you a wonderful Easter! Nicole xo

Liz said...

We had a dead deer carcus in the field by us, I swear those vultures circled that thing for days until its was good and stinky! Your handy work is so pretty! Love the colors!

Debby Flowers said...

I totally agree... baby goat kids are great for the soul. If we are crabby or down about anything, a visit to the goat pen to sit among them, give a cuddle, and just experience the innocence and boundless joy that is a goat kid will chase any dark clouds away. I love my goats!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, I think next Easter, I will get back to being more creative of what I put in it. This year Hubby took over, but that's okay too. I might make a few placemats with just blue edging and see what it looks like. We can use them on the porch too.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Nicole, thank you! I hope you have a nice Easter.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Liz, thank you. I hope to get them done soon.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Debby, they are very heart warming and fill us with good vibes. So adorable.

RB said...

Personally, I like the green edging with the yellow. I think it helps bring out the green in the other pieces, and I think the blue would then be too much blue.

God bless.


Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, thanks, I was hoping to get more in-put on that. I'm in the process of making another seat cushion and placement now.