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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Monday, February 11, 2013

Restful Weekend

We woke up today with all of the snow melted.  The weather was still chilly over the past weekend, but today it said to be as warm as 43°F. 

Here is my oldest daughter's birthday "cake."  She wanted cupcakes, so she frosted them so you can see the number 19 (white).  She topped them with candy canes, and crushed peppermints and blue sprinkles.  She was originally due on Valentine's day the year she was born, hence the hearts made with candy canes.

I'm reading yet another home remedy book, and have been surprised at a few things I have learned (if they are indeed true).

~if you take too much zinc (more than 30 mg a day, according to the book) you can actually ruin your immune system.  I found this interesting and plan to do more research.

~you can soak your feet in a warm tub of water and dry mustard to help your circulation.  It is said to help remove head congestion, by causing the blood to go to your feet.  I actually tried this once last night, so I'll let you now how I feel in a few days.  Not sure if this is hokey, but I have also read where these types of soaks, help remove toxins in the body.

~Red Zinger tea was said to be excellent for when you feel sinus issues coming on.  Can't hurt to try this one either.  Red Zinger (Celestial Tea) contains rose hips, which are loaded with vitamin A and C.

I feel sort of like a guinea pig in trying all these, but I will never know if I don't try them.   We really don't have the extra cash to buy a cool-mist humidifier, so I am filling a pot with vapo-rub and boiling water and inhaling with a towel over my head.  I do need to invest in eucalyptus oil for this reason, and for soap making.

We had a restful weekend, aside from van trouble.  That van is bad news.  However, at the very end of the day, hubby was back home with a brand new battery for it.  We found out that it was under warranty and now have a new one.  Now...if we can just get it started so we can put the "for sale" sign on it. 

I plan on taking it easy today - a bit of laundry, and some handiwork. 


Sam I Am...... said...

Oh dear...I know that "stuff" really hangs on for a good long time but I hope you feel better soon. YOu're not running a fever this whole time are you?
Sleep is probably the best thing but I remember when I was a Mom back in the day that I could never just "go to bed" else there would be so much more for me to do when I got up! If I had to do it over again I would go to ex always did...a little sniffle and he was up languishing under the covers! LOL! I was the "fool"! LOL!

Candy C. said...

Love the birthday "cake!" Very clever!
Zinger tea is also supposed to be helpful for high blood pressure because of the hibiscus.