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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Homestead Tidbits

It looks like I will need to do some baking with some ripe bananas, as the kids are not eating them up lately.  We are all still battling the "crud" and wish it to be gone today.

We have some work to get done, and have taken inventory on the new goat stalls.  We've got some plans with the goats too.  

Blondie remains to be cantankerous.  She loves her grass and will do anything to get at it.  Including breaking her wire fencing.  We have some plans to work on that too.  We may be in a bit of a situation with her too.  I'll have more on that as we contact the vet.

We are very low on grass hay, and bales are selling at $10.00/each.  We are on the hunt for more at a better price.  We are also low on straw, but I believe Hubby has secured us a few loads.

We finally put two of our vehicles out for sale.  Phew!

Hubby bought me an air purifier and it seems to be helping with my sinus/allergy issues this winter.  It's cutting down on the dust that accumulates from heating with wood and wood pellets.

Propane was finally ordered yesterday.  The rate was a bit high at $1.83.9/gallon.  We were hoping to get about $1.59/gallon.  Our 300 gallon filll up will cost $591.06.  Thankfully, we did not run out this time, so we won't have an additional $75.00 test fee to refill.  Our plan is to install a solar powered water heater some year.  That will cut our costs even more.  The propane runs our hot water heater.  Thankfully, I had been pre-paying for this fill-up, so the balance due to order, was lower than last year.

It looks like we need to do a library run today.  Many books are due in today. 

It's raining and very windy, so laundry will be put on racks inside today.





Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Why is it, I can never remember, in which part of the country you live?

My mouth fell open at $1.83 /gal. !!!
It is $2.49 here!!! I would love it at the price you have gotten it.
The solar powered water heater sounds like a great idea. I'm still trying to convince the Husband of this.
Glad you were able to get the purifier. My son in love, has one of these in his home for his allergies...and he loves it.
Here's hoping your vehicles sell and you get a good price for them!!


Kim said...

love reading your post and I do hope everyone is well soon. You made me think about my bananas and oh my goodness they are worse off than yours!!!

Candy C. said...

Shoot, grass hay is almost $20 for a 100 pound bale here!
I'm glad the purifier is helping you.
Thanks for the links to the recipe and dishcloth pattern! :)

Michelle said...

Our propane runs almost the same as gas. Our gas is $4.09 and our propane is $3.85. I am so glad we went to natural gas last year. California wants to add more taxes to propane and gas. They are killing us.

Sam I Am...... said...

I'm on the budget plan for propane but then I heat with it too so I sue lots more than you I'm sure. I pay monthly, all year long. Before i retired I would buy it for the season in July and saved quite a bit that way when the gas prices are lower but I can't seem to get ahead nowadays with my expensive medicines. Hopefully when I sell the house and get something smaller my bills will get smaller too.