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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Recovery...I so hope it to be

Thankfully, hubby and I purchased some mineral bath salts, made with organic ingredients, on our recent weekend away.  We are both enjoying them to recover from this recent bug.

A photo of what's above the bathtub.  I have two wall candles like the blue one above.

Thankfully, my fever finally broke last night.  Two and half days of misery.  Speaking of  misery, it's not over yet.  Even my eyeball sockets hurt to the touch.  

I really want some homemade chicken noodle soup, but no one in the house knows how to make it. Boo hoo to me.  Hubby did bring home (better than nothing at all) canned soup.  I am pretty sure I don't have broth or chicken anyway.

I think I got the flu, and not hubby, since I had already had the upper respiratory crud for 6 weeks, and was just getting over it.  I really wanted him to wait another week for the drive, but he insisted.   I tried telling him that I was not up for it.  I don't think he'll insist the next time.  He's worried he'll get it now. 

I mustered up the energy to wash my bedding, and bathrobe.  I bleached a load of towels too.  This morning, I am leaving a list of to-do's for everyone who isn't sick.  I once gain, woke up to the wood stove, completely cold.  Hmpf.  Kids!

It's not just me sick, or my son.  I hear a lot of coughing and nose blowing from the others.  And word has it, that there is a lot going arond the school.  "Nurse Hilda" has abandoned me as well, due to not wanting to get sick.  I handed them the lysol, and told them they better start cleaning, or I was coming out of my confined room.

Of all days, Dad came for a visit to see Blondie and the kids, but left as soon as he heard I was sick.  

I am not allowed to drink coffee, as it will dehydrate me, so I have one stinkin' headache.  Thankfully, Mom gifted us a box of Green tea and it has been my life saver these past few days. 

As for Lola, she seems to be okay now, but I really need to get her a chicken saddle.  She needs time to let her feathers grow back (Sparta has been a bit rough on her).  If you know of where to get one, please let me know.

Another winter storm is due to pass through here today.  And it looks like I will miss my youngest daughter's Science Fair night. 


Sharon said...

Take care of yourself. I also had this flu, 2 1/2 weeks ago, then a sinus infection. The dr prescribed antibiotic is working well. I am not sleeping 10 -12 hrs, and have some energy now.

Unknown said...

Have you thought about testing your home for molds, etc? You sound like you get a lot of bugs. I usually get 1 cold a year, maybe...

EMMA said...

Oh dear, you do sound sick.
I had the flu last week, I have no more fever but I think it has turned into infected sinuses, my head/face feel like they are going to explode!
No one here knows how to make chicken noodle soup either!
Get well soon.

Candy C. said...

I'm glad you are feeling somewhat better. I'd send you a big pot of chicken soup if I could!! {{HUGS}}

Dang, I sure hope I don't get that nasty flu this year! (knock on wood)

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Emma you sound just like me. My head feels like it will explode today. And Sharon, I may just have to pay the $120.00 to visit the doctor. We won't get our regular health insurance back until April. We have thought about checking for mold, but I think it's a combination of fields being sprayed heavily around us all summer, and other yearly "country" things to deal with.