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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Artificial Flavorings ~ What's Really in Them ~ Nurse Jesse and Doctor Tig

The next time you go to the store to buy any artificial flavoring in any food, consider what it's made from.  According to, the FDA considers Castoreum (part of it is beaver urine) as safe, and can be found listed as "natural" on the food label today.

Read about it here:  Casotreum

You'll think twice before buying a Raspberry or Strawberry flavored Iced Tea at the check out again.  

I wonder what else the government is adding to our foods? It's bad enough to search out stores that don't have antibiotic/hormone free foods, let alone genetically modified foods/ingredients.

And some folks think I'm crazy for growing my own food/meat and making things homemade.  

Sickness remains in my home.  I'm not sure what it is, but three of us are down for the count.  My 19 year-old daughter missed her college classes today, and my 20 year-old son stayed in bed almost all of yesterday.  My 11 year-old has been complaining of headaches, and I have been hearing another one cough.  

As for myself, I did not have the energy to see the girls off this morning.  My congestion seems to be a bit better, but the fatique is in full force, despite everything we are doing.  I am calling hubby at work and telling him to bring home probiotics for all of us.  And another can of Lysol.  Thankfully, no vomiting. 

Last night I brewed up more ginger ale, and it seems to really help. No one really has an appetite.  I am still determined to kill off this sickness, and quick.

 Doctor Tig (Tiger)

 Nurse Jesse

I have to share one last tidbit.  Yesterday, I was resting my eyes in bed, and Jesse (aka Nurse Jesse, youngest dog) was at my feet.  I started having a coughing spell, and he immediately crawled up the bed, put his nose in my face and lowered down right there next to me, until I stopped coughing. He did this all day while Nurse Hilda was in school.  Then later at night, Nurse Hilda's cat was sleeping with his head on my chest.  When I coughed, he would let out a meow, every single time.  He will do the same when I sneeze too.  We call him Doctor Tig now.  I am sure Nurse Sadie will be watching over my daughter today, as she always does.  Nurse Jesse is already snuggled up with my son, keeping an eye on him.  


Carolyn said...

Nothing like the fuzzy & four-legged family members to help you feel a little better.
Hope the sickness passes through your household (more) quickly.

Sam I Am...... said...

Goodness gracious you guys have really got "the bug"! Isn't it amazing how animals are more empathetic and sense things than many humans. Glad they are caring for you. Wish you all!

Candy C. said...

Cute nurses and doctors you have!
I saw on the news recently that a LOT of the artificial flavors and colors allowed in food here in the U.S.A. have been banned in most other countries! Doesn't give you a warm fuzzy feeling, does it?

Unknown said...

Have you thought about adding a "search" widget on your blog? I was trying to find your buttermilk biscuit recipe...

Kristina said...

Hi Nancy,
I have a "search" button at the very top left. I think my biscuits just take regular milk, but I will check for the link....

here it is:

Katmom said...

hang in there Kris.... summer will be here and you and your 'crew' will be back to good health...and thank goodness for you furry 'medical staff.'