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Friday, November 25, 2022

Homemade Seasoned Salt and other ramblings


Thanksgiving morning was a beautiful morning.  They day was a perfect porch day as well.  Rain slowly crept in as the evening fell.  I can't say we really did much.  Daughter K came over for a visit.

I was given a pass on all that holiday cooking, but I did restock my homemade seasoned salt.

Our guy to clean gutters called and was to come Wed. morning.  I then got a message Wed. morning that he said the weather may be better on Thursday.  It was too.  Anyway, he never called, messaged or arrived after that.

I finally got around to setting up an account to register any new tools (and register any we purchased this year), for the lifetime warranty.  So get this?  I was reading over receipts from the living room supply runs.  I have been giving the handy man our credit card vs. cash (easier to keep track of and we trusted him).  It may sound petty, but he purchased two energy drinks with our card.  We haven't said anything, but any and all purchases will be made by us from now on.  We are taking note of it.

The truck is still full of sub flooring, so if he doesn't arrive today to install it, we will unload it.

I think this Thanksgiving was a bit hard on us, as Mom was not with us.  I know it was really bothering one of the kids.  They say it gets better, but this holiday was definitely difficult.  I set the Christmas porch lights on now.  I am hoping it lifts my spirits.


Leigh said...

Amazing how folks think they owe themselves perks if they've got control of someone else's dime. I hope it goes well with the floor.

Thanks for the recipe for making season salt. Sounds like a good idea.

Kristina said...

Leigh, thanks, I cannot wait for it to be done. Hope you enjoy the homemade seasoned salt recipe.