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Saturday, November 26, 2022

This and That

 The gutters have been cleaned!  Woohoo to that!  His timing was perfect as well.  He helped carry in the subflooring for us after he was done with the gutters. Actually, it was my husband and him that carried it in.  As soon as he was in the house (he's family), all the sudden our handy man's tune changed to "oh I can't carry that at all, blah blah blah"  so who did he think would carry it in?  Just a head shaking moment, or eye rolling.  Also, Handy man told my husband he was "on break" when it was time to move more subflooring in.  My husband is now also frustrated.  It was just a fluke that my husband was off work for the holidays.

Subfloor is going in now!  However, it may not be done until week 4 of this project.  I can't say that even half is in right now.  He doesn't work weekends either, and remember he took Wed. off, and Thursday was a holiday.

We are going to do a test run on the removal of the popcorn ceiling this weekend.  If if comes off as easily as they say it will, we will do it ourselves, but we will have to wait for the rest of the subfloor to be installed to get it all off (and painted).

I'll be honest, we have a gathering this weekend, and I am not feeling up to it.  I think it's because it is the first holiday season without my Mom.  I think my kids are feeling this way too.  I can't really explain it, other than I just don't have the energy to cook a lot (entertain) nor be around a lot of people.

We did head out to the grocery store, for a few things, and we stopped at the local area Dollar General.  I was looking for a cuticle tool (wooden) and they had one left, but I could not believe how bare the walls/shelves were in that store.  It has always been completely stocked.  

Oh, on a good note, my wonderful husband fixed my 22 year-old kitchenaid mixer!  He took it apart, cleaned it up, tightened a few screws and wa-la!  That really made me happy.  I do not like the new updated versions they have now, and the same one I have is anywhere from $250-400.00.  I am so happy about that.

Anyway, I'm still waiting on my lip balm tubes to arrive, as well as the essential oils for making the travel soaps.  I would like to get a few more nail polish ornaments made, but I'm also waiting on one more skein of yarn for that.  I still cannot get upstairs.

It's starting to get colder again, hence the urgency to get the floor done.  I want to fire up the wood stove keep the house warm.

I will try and get some photos of the scarf in progress, the ornaments and possibly the living room.

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