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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Thursday Thoughts

It's still very cold here.  Woke up to -9°F.  We are really not likely it either (who would?).  I got everything marked off my to-do list yesterday except for one thing - wash bedding.  If the water is flowing today, I'll get it done.  I'm thankful for leftovers and pre-cooked breakfast.

Hubby is not feeling 100% himself, and found out that some co-workers have been out the entire month of January, and one was out 17 days.  He felt he should have stayed home a few more days to get his body feeling better.  I agreed, but he is back to work anyway.  

Yesterday, I felt off.  Just weird.  Can't explain it, other than I'm not my 100% just yet.  Daughter K can't get rid of a bad cough.  My cough is a bit better.  My cool-mist humidifier arrived and was set up and running before bedtime.  I also sipped some sage tea, and made ginger tea (freshly grated) for my husband.  Thanks for all your support and encouragement and ideas to get us back to "business."

At least I don't have the entire full blown day with dog duty today.  Yesterday, the dogs stopped on the way back in and pulled their paws up.  I had to hurry them inside before having to carry them inside.  I asked Daughter K to bring down any booties they have.  They will need them today as well.

As best as I know, they are springing Mom from the nursing home tomorrow.  I'm not sure if this is a good thing yet or not.  If she has troubles again back at home, the hospitals and the nursing homes are at full capacity, so getting her back in one will be a problem.

Looks like I will need to go fetch firewood for the day.  As soon as I warm up with some coffee, and get my brain fog to ease a bit, I'll work it out so all my outside chores are done in one swoop.


M. Meyers said...

I'm so happy you're posting daily again. I know it takes energy to do that. Our household had the dreaded C three weeks ago. Of 9 people in the house (we were keeping 4 extra grandchildren) EIGHT of them fell to some sort of illness. I was the only one left standing! So thankful as someone had to do the hand-holding. It took quite a while for Hubby to feel 100% again. Take it easy as much as you can.

Also, I used to enjoy reading Mama Mercantile's blog, but she hasn't posted in the longest time. I know she sometimes comments on your blog. I pray all is well with her.

It's a crazy time in our world, but SPRING is coming!

Kristina said...

M. Meyers, I know about that hand holding stuff only with Daughter K it was bringing her homemade ginger-ale, Kleenex, a bucket and what not. Then it was her turn to care for us. Hubby is worried he went back to work too soon. So glad he just has tomorrow and has the weekend off. Glad you mentioned Mama's Mercantile. I will have to check on her too. I too cannot wait for Spring.

Carol said...

I am thankful that you both are feeling somewhat better. Im shocked that your mom is being released considering how many are sick at the moment. I am sure that she would be considered high risk, but I know that the hospitals are all stressed and so many have no beds. It is truly a sad time that we live in and after two years we are still fighting the same nasty virus.

Kristina said...

Carol, I am truly concerned about Mom being released. Best I can find out, is that she asked to be released on her own. I am sure if this circles back to needing the ER, that rooms will be extremely hard to locate. Including a nursing home if needed.