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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Sunshine! ~ Post Office Nasty Gram

 Although we had a good amount of sunshine, it was still cold yesterday.  I donned my full body winter wear and headed to the coop with treats to beg for eggs, fresh water and headed out to get the mail.

Hubby was in the barn fetching firewood.  It didn't take long to get a "nasty" gram from the post office, with a visual drawing of the 30 foot area (yes, that is right, 15 feet clear to the mailbox and 15 past the mailbox) they demand be shoveled/cleared of snow.

The post delivery person drives a jeep.  Sigh.  We have lost 2 of the 3 shovels.  Daughter K shoveled some of it, and my husband some of it.  I hope we can find the shovel, but darn it all.  I'm not going to cough up a lung, only for the plow to bury the mailbox again.  I am praying the snow is done for a while.  We are all not up to shoveling snow, and too far out to have some of the boys come plow it out for us.

Our current morning weather is -1°F with a wind chill of -14°F.  I'm pretty sure I may not have a hot shower today.  Thankfully, there is little wind.

I'm "flying" solo today.  My husband is back to work (praying it goes well), and Daughter K stayed the night with friends.  Her timing is not great, but I understand her wanting to spend time with friends before she moves.  She'll be back home this afternoon though.

I swear I heard a cat outside this morning.  When daylight hits, I'll look for tracks.  I'd hate to see a stray cat freeze in these temps.

I have written out a list for my to-do list today, but "flying" solo, I have dog duty, chicken duty, mail fetching, wood fetching, manning the wood stove, and possible laundry.  The dogs are already crying to go out and it's not day light.  Our pole light does not come on in this chilly weather, and darkness is not my friend with coyotes.  

Speaking of Daughter K, her workplace is forcing their employees to present a vaccine card, or be tested weekly (I honestly don't see how they can, considering test kits are out everywhere right now).  I'm glad she is moving and can find a better job elsewhere.  I never thought my kids would have to live through this.  Or us, for that matter.

Thankfully, we have a big pot of chili, and a pan of homemade buttermilk cornbread for the next few days.  I just have to do some dishes (if we have hot water, ha ha!).

I have slept great the last two nights, but wake up to a coughing fit.  I'll be happy to get my cool-mist humidifier today. I still have laryngitis, so I plan on sipping some hot sage tea.

More co-workers are out with covid at my husband's work.  It's still spreading.  

The chicken coop is a disaster.  I cannot wait for a warmer day, so I can clean it.  The ding dongs are poo'ing in their roosts.  What a mess.  

One of these days, I'll actually have some photos in my blogpost.  Sorry if they have been boring.  


Debby Flowers said...

HI Kristina - I have a buttermilk idea for you. I make a lot of muffins - at least two batches every weekend and almost all of my recipes call for buttermilk. You can make your own by adding some of the store bought to regular milk and letting it sit on the counter for a day or two. Then just keep it going and you will always have it. I don't bother with it anymore since I have my homemade kefir. If you can find some milk kefir grains, kefir works exactly like buttermilk in recipes - and tastes better! I always have kefir on hand. I like it better when I have my raw goat's milk to make it with but now that the goats are dry for a few months, I make do with store-bought milk. Not as tasty but bakes up just as well. Good luck!

Kristina said...

Debby thank you so much, I do believe I have kefir in the fridge and will have to try that soon too. I'm so glad I asked.